Eyelid Aesthetic

Eyelid aesthetic

What is Eyelid (Blepharoplasty) Aesthetics?

Eyelid Aesthetics is a procedure applied to both the upper and lower eyelids. If there is sagging of the eyelid or excess skin, the tissues around the eyes are stretched. Thus, the problem is solved with a surgical operation. If you have eyelid aesthetics in mind, you should consult plastic surgeons. Bad habits such as sun rays, pollution in the air, not sleeping regularly, smoking and alcohol are very effective in the formation of such problems on the skin.

As it is known, the biggest reason for sagging is aging. As the age progresses, some sagging occurs in the body due to the effect of gravity. As a result of sagging, problems such as swelling, bagging, wrinkles, loosening and discoloration occur in the eyelids. When people experience sagging, wrinkles and other problems around the eyes, they see surgeons to have eyelid aesthetics.

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What are the Symptoms of Eyelid (Blepharoplasty) Aging?

Under normal conditions, the skin is elastic. As age progresses, the elasticity of the skin gradually disappears. As elasticity decreases, excess skin occurs. Excess skin first appears on the eyelids.

It is possible to say that the first sign of aging is these symptoms that occur on the eyelids. These symptoms on the eyelids cause fatigue, dull and old appearance over time. For this reason, people should get information from eyelid aesthetic surgeons.

If your lower and upper eyelids have aging, bagging and discoloration under your eyes is one of the symptoms of this. The drooping of the upper eyelid is also among the signs of this aging. Wrinkles and sagging are common complaints of patients undergoing blepharoplasty.

If crow's feet have begun to appear around your eyes, this is one of the signs of aging. In addition to all these, if you have a tired appearance, you can solve your problem by talking to belpharoplasty surgeons.

How is Eyelid (Blepharoplasty) Aesthetics Performed?

Doctors examine the patient's health status before performing eyelid aesthetics. Depending on the result of the examination, he determines the method to be applied in the surgery and creates a plan. For upper eyelid surgery, some drawings and measurements are made in order not to disturb the structure. There are devices called scalpels and cautery so that the doctor can make an incision without any problems. Thanks to these devices, the surgeon continues the procedure by creating an incision on the eyelid by means of heat.

Recently, with the development of technology, laser has also been used to create incisions. Treatment of the lower eyelid can be done in two ways. One is the treatment method applied from the eyelash line. The other is the surgical operation performed from the inner region of the eyelid. The method performed from the inner region of the eyelid is called transconjunctival. If you talk to doctors who are experts in the field, the blepharoplasty operation is performed with the right methods. Thus, the problems in your eyelid are successfully eliminated.

What is the Recovery Process of Eyelid (Blepharoplasty) Aesthetics?

Patients talk about experiencing redness and swelling problems for three days after having eyelid aesthetics. This does not pose a problem as it occurs in every patient who has undergone plastic surgery. Redness and swelling after blepharoplasty decrease within a week. If your surgeon who applies the aesthetics is successful, you will not have any problems thanks to his recommendations during the healing process. Applying cold during this period will also help reduce the problems in your eyes.

After the operation, the surgeon uses bandages to prevent damage to the sutures. This bandage used is removed three days after the operation. Removal of the discarded sutures is performed after one week. You will not have any problems in this regard, as the scars formed after the surgery will disappear after a month. The shape of your eye gains a good appearance in this process. It is possible to return to your daily life three days after blepharoplasty.

What Should Be Considered Before Eyelid (Blepharoplasty) Aesthetics?

It is of great importance that you follow the surgeon's recommendations for the operation to be successful. One of the things you should do before blepharoplasty is not to use aspirin and antibiotics. You should stop using aspirin and antibiotics fifteen days before the eyelid surgery to prevent bleeding. You should stay away from cigarettes and tobacco products 2-3 weeks before the operation so that the healing process is not difficult.

In this process, taking supplements such as herbal teas also poses a risk. People also have blepharoplasty to treat upper eyelid droop caused by excess skin on the eyelid. As the drooping of the upper lid progresses, it also causes visual disturbances. If you have a droopy upper eyelid, you may consider having eyelid aesthetics by consulting with surgeons. However, the surgeon who will perform the treatment should be chosen well. Therefore, detailed research before the operation is essential for a successful process.

At What Age Is Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

Eyelid aesthetics is an operation that is generally applied to individuals over the age of 35. Since aging in the eyelid is not observed at younger ages, it is more preferred in this age group. Of course, as in every operation, surgeons intervene when a mandatory situation is encountered in blepharoplasty. Although the operation cannot stop the aging that will occur on the eyelids, it can have an effect for 7-8 years.

After performing eyelid aesthetics, the patient's face does not have a tired expression. Instead, a more lively, youthful and serene appearance is formed. In some cases, blepharoplasty can also be caused by the drooping of the eyebrows and forehead. Because the drooping of the forehead and eyebrow area can also cause drooping of the eyelid after a while. When this happens, an aesthetically bad appearance occurs in the person. In some patients, only the lower or upper eyelid surgery is performed, while in others both are performed.

What is Eyelid?

The third eyelid is useful for protecting and moisturizing the eye. Its structure is transparent or translucent. It is located in the corner of the eye in mammals and is vestigial. This eyelid covering a small area is scientifically called plica semilunaris, membrana nictitans and palpebra tertia. This eyelid is also found in humans. However, the third eyelid in humans is located horizontally on the cornea.

Foreign bodies that get into the eye are removed by the third eyelid. But if it's always visible, it means there's a problem. According to scientists, the third eyelid has lost its function and has become invisible to humans. If you have a third eyelid, you can apply for surgery by talking to surgeons. Thanks to eyelid aesthetics, surgeons can solve problems other than the third eye without any problems. As long as you consult with specialist doctors in the field, the problem will be solved.

How to Hide Scars in Eyelid Aesthetics?

Since the scars formed in the eyelid operation are formed on the invisible part, you will not have any problems. For upper eyelid aesthetics, the surgeon creates an incision to the crease of the eyelid. Thanks to this incision, the excess skin on the eyelid is removed and the sagging problem is solved. If you are going to have an operation on your lower eyelid, an incision is made where the lash line is located.

The sagging of the lower eyelid is also eliminated in this way. It is very important that your eye is not damaged during the surgical operation. For this reason, it is imperative that the doctor who will intervene should be as meticulous as possible in eyelid aesthetics. As long as you talk to doctors who have achieved success in their field, there is no risk of eyelid aesthetics. In general, patients had problems such as redness, bruising and edema after the operation. This situation is of the type that can be considered normal due to the operations in the operation. You should also contact your doctor in cases that may adversely affect your health, such as infection.

How is Upper Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

If you have a droopy upper eyelid, you can have eyelid aesthetics. The aim of upper eyelid aesthetics is to remove excess skin. The surgeon creates an incision at the crease point of the eyelid during the operation. The reason why the incision is created at the crease point of the eyelid is that there is no visible scar after the operation. Some surgeons apply it together with forehead and eyebrow lift surgeries so that the patient does not suffer from aesthetic problems.

Three days after having eyelid surgery, you can take a shower to wet your hair and face. If you need to take a shower before three days have passed, you only need to wash your body. It will be better for your healing process not to wet the hair and face. After the operation, cold application is applied to the patients for a few hours. If the doctor thinks that there is no problem after doing some checks, you can go home. Fifteen minutes of cold application is recommended while you are awake for two days.

How is Lower Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

During youth, tissues called fat pads are positioned on the cheekbones. With aging, sagging occurs in these tissues. The sagging of the fat pads causes the lower eyelid to collapse. Doctors resort to the endoscopic method to solve the problem. In this method, also known as suspension, no intervention is made on the lower eyelids. If the problem has occurred again in the lower eyelid after the suspension method, this time surgical procedure may be required.

When you talk to the doctor, first of all, it is checked whether there is sagging or bagging on the lower eyelid. If the problem in the lower eyelid is not resolved, a surgical operation is performed. During the surgery, an incision is made in the part just below the eyelashes. After the surgeon lifts your skin, he spreads the fat pads to the pits under your eyes. If the problem is not resolved, the eyelid aesthetic operation with fat injection is continued successfully.

Reviews of Those Who Have Had Eyelid Aesthetics

Patients considering blephoraplasty often have eyebrow and forehead lifting and mid-face surgeries with endoscopic features. As it is known, eyelid aesthetics are widely preferred today. Eyelid problems can occur as a result of aging, as well as infection, genetics and accidents. If you are experiencing sagging eyelids or similar problems, you can talk to surgeons.

You should be very careful when it comes to surgical operation. In particular, you need to do some research for choosing a surgeon. If you have never done research for eyelid aesthetics before, you are likely to choose the wrong surgeon. First of all, the experience and success of surgeons in the field of blepharoplasty is of great importance to you. If you want the operation to be successful, you should choose among experienced and successful doctors.

Eyelid Aesthetics Prices 2022

Today, many people ask various questions when they are going to have eyelid aesthetics. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether the operation is permanent. Increasing age will cause sagging on your eyelid even though the operation is performed. But the effect of the surgery shows itself in 10-15 years. Thus, you will not have the problem of sagging on your eyelids for a long time. This also prevents the top cover from falling off.

If you have a blepharoplasty operation in mind, you should also include price ranges in your research. As the complaints about the eyelid increased, the number of surgeons performing operations in this area also increased. The reason why the price ranges are so variable is the increase in blepharoplasty surgeons.

If you are looking for an operation that fits your budget, it will also be useful to research the success level of surgeons. If you only examine the price, you are likely to have an operation that does not meet your expectations. You can contact us immediately to get information about Eyelid Aesthetics Prices 2022.

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