Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgeries are surgical interventions performed on large breasts that cause problems in terms of both health and aesthetics.

What is Breast Reduction?

The fact that the breasts are larger than they should be brings along a number of health problems, especially back pain, posture disorders, fatigue, skin problems with sweating under the breast tissue, skeletal system deformation. Large breasts also cause women to not be able to wear the clothes they want with their non-aesthetic appearance, and the loss of self-confidence that comes with this leads women to breast reduction operations. Breast reduction operations are described as applications that make women who complain about the size of their breasts comfortable in every aspect.

Breast lift and breast reduction

During the pre-interview with our patients who come to our clinics as a result of the deformation of the breasts, it can be seen that sometimes the desired form can be achieved with breast lift operation, not breast reduction. For this reason, it is only clear during the examination which type of breast operation is suitable for the patient.

Since the excessively large breast form causes the breasts to be unable to resist gravity over time, it is observed that most patients experience postural dysfunction and even numbness, loss of feeling and strength in the arms. In line with all these data, breast reduction aesthetics will help to construct aesthetically beautiful breasts and, above all, to increase the quality of life of the patient who has this problem.

Who can have breast reduction?

  • Those with reasonably larger breasts
  • Those who have sagging problems in addition to their large breasts
  • Those who can't wear whatever they want because of their big breasts
  • Those with skin problems, low back, back pain and posture problems
  • Those with breasts that are too big to do physical activities
  • Wavy image attached to bra due to weight on her back
  • Those who have lost self-confidence due to non-aesthetic appearance
  • Those who have orthopedic problems such as hand numbness, loss of sensation, and posture disorder

All these problems are the profiles of the candidates who are suitable for breast reduction surgery. If you are considering breast reduction aesthetics due to one or more of the problems we have mentioned above, you can have breast reduction aesthetics, where the results are extremely effective and successful and the health elements are resolved within the aesthetic appearance.

How is breast reduction operation performed?

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Fat tissues in the breast and excess skin outside the breast are removed from the existing area. At the same rate, the nipple halos, which grow over time, are also reduced to a size suitable for their final form. The problem of sagging, which is one of the biggest problems in large breasts, is solved by including breast lift application in the operation and sutures are applied. In breast reduction operations, the size of the breast is taken into account, and the reduction process is performed using personalized techniques. Although the sutures vary according to the technique used, they are generally in the form of an inverted T and in sizes that fade over time and do not cause any non-aesthetic problems to the patient.

How many scars are left in the breast reduction operation?

Breast reduction operations, for which we aim the minimum scar and the most aesthetic appearance, must be planned very well for this reason and must give the patient the healthiest and most beautiful return. The incision made vertically under the nipple and along the under-breast, which we call inverted T, are scars that fade over time and are invisible because most of them remain under the breast. However, since each patient's breast size will be different, the technique used and incision scars also differ. No matter which technique is used, the scar issue is one of the most important issues and the patient is provided with a minimum scar and a comfortable recovery process afterwards.

Essentials of breast reduction operation

Breast reduction operations are always planned by considering aesthetics and health in parallel. Breast reduction should be performed considering the patient's age, breast size, expectation of a child, and the possibility of breastfeeding. Before the operation, which takes an average of 1 hour, the patient finds the size that is suitable, and the least scar and the most comfortable recovery period are aimed. The rapid recovery and uneventful period after the operation will also positively affect the psychology of the patient. Although there is a possibility of regrowth of breast tissue due to weight gain, it never becomes pre-operational, our patients continue their lives with aesthetic breasts for life. In addition, after breast reduction operations, the patient does not have a situation that prevents breastfeeding. The excess fat in the breast is intervened, not the mammary glands.

In breast reduction operations, in the process of pulling the nipple to a reasonable area, attention is definitely paid to the feeling. Keeping the nipple as sensitive as before depends on the blood circulation of this area, not being affected by the amount of skin removed. The continuation of the sensitivity of the nipple is an extremely important condition for the stimulation of the ducts in the breastfeeding function. In addition, it is essential to achieve symmetry between both breasts and nipples.

After breast reduction aesthetics

Since each woman's breast size, symmetry and degree of sagging will be different from each other, the technique used also differs from each other. However, in our Estetik International clinics, we primarily ensure that the patient has a comfortable recovery process with minimal follow-up. Personalized breast reduction aesthetics is among the applications that we receive the best feedback. Our patient makes limited arm movements for a day or two. In a few weeks on average, the incision scars begin to fade. Immediately after the operation, a great relief, reduction in waist and back pain, and even disappearance and rapid exhaustion of other health problems are observed. An aesthetic and shaped breast structure is achieved.

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