Droopy Eyelid - Ptosis

Droopy Eyelid - Ptosis

What Causes Droopy Eyelids?

As it is known, the biggest reason for sagging is aging. As the age progresses, some sagging occurs in the body due to the effect of gravity. As a result of sagging, problems such as swelling, bagging, wrinkles, loosening and discoloration occur in the eyelids. When people experience sagging, wrinkles and other problems around the eyes, they see surgeons to have eyelid aesthetics.

This process, known as droopy eyelid, ptosis in medicine, is one of the problems that has been frequently announced recently. The eyelids of people who have this problem are lower than they should be. They usually seem to be squinting their eyes all the time. Eyelid droop can be both unilateral and bilateral. Although it is a problem observed in every age group, aging is an effective factor.

The muscle that lifts the eyelids is called the levator. When the levator muscle flexes, the eyelid drooping problem occurs. In case of aging, flexibility occurs in the muscles that lift the eyelids, along with many other muscles. In addition to the flexibility of the muscle, rubbing, swelling and impact of the eye are among the factors that cause droopy eyelids. Flexion of the levator muscle can occur at any age.

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What are the Symptoms of Drooping Eyelids?

One-sided drooping of the eyelids is usually evident when looking in the mirror or examining the photographs, and noticing the asymmetrical situation. When you realize that one of your eyelids is lower and droopy, applying to a doctor for detailed information allows you to act consciously.

If there is ptosis problem on both sides, most likely your environment will ask you if you are tired. In general, after such comments in the environment, patients consult the doctor and learn whether there is a droopy eyelid. Although you do not have any mental problems, you may appear depressed, unhappy and tired from the outside. As the amount of drooping on your eyelid increases, your eyes are likely to get tired and have trouble seeing.

What are the Treatment Methods for Droopy Eyelids?

Congenital droopy eyelids are caused by the inability of the levator muscle to develop in the mother's womb. The eyelid, in which the levator muscle does not develop, appears squinted compared to the other. For this reason, babies and children cannot open their eyes well enough. In some cases, problems arise due to insufficient flexibility of the levator muscle. One of the eyelids is higher than the other.

The mentioned problems can be corrected with the results obtained from the oculoplastic examination. During the examination, the doctor examines the level of vision and the state of movement of the eye. If there is a visual defect on the side of the droopy eyelid, the patient may need glasses. If the patient will be exposed to permanent lazy eye, the doctor recommends surgery. If there is a problem of slipping in the eye before the operation is performed, it should be corrected.

Causes and Treatments of Droopy Eyelids

In children with congenital droopy eyelid problems, the age range of 2-4 is suitable for surgery in the light of 6-month controls. The method to be followed in the operation is determined by the doctor's detailed controls. Depending on the drooping level of the eyelid and the functionality of the levator muscle, different surgical methods are applied.

One of the surgical methods is the application for the mular muscle. In this method, the operation is performed through the eyelid. In the surgery performed for the levator muscle, the part of the eyelid on the skin is considered. Suspension is another surgical method.

Some people think that congenital droopy eyelids can be treated with medications. However, this problem cannot be solved without surgery. Having an operation after waiting for the problem to progress is one of the wrong behaviors.

How is Eyelid Lift Surgery Performed?

The doctor determines what method to follow in eyelid surgery after some checks. In the method based on the mular muscle, no incision is made on the patient's skin. If you are a patient suitable for this method, you should know that the operation has advantages. If your condition is not suitable enough to remove the surgery, the doctor may put you to sleep or anesthetize you with the muler method.

In addition, your recovery period after surgery will be very short in this method. When the doctor puts you to sleep, he turns your eyelid and shortens the inner mular muscle. The operation takes an average of 8 minutes and then you can return to your daily life quickly. Considering the advantages, it can be said that it is the most preferred method.

Is Low Eyelid Surgery a Permanent Solution?

With the development of technology, it is seen that the droopy eyelid is resolved by laser. But there are questions about whether this method is permanent. Depending on the success of the doctor, the laser method shows its effect for 4-12 months. Of course, reasons such as your living conditions, the blow to the eye and the condition of the muscles in your eyelid are also effective in this.

Surgery based on the levator muscle is generally preferred for patients who are not suitable for the mular method. In this method, the doctor does not put the patient to sleep in order to get efficient results. So you don't have the advantage over the muler method. However, since local anesthesia is applied, you do not feel any pain during the operation.

Will there be a scar after the droopy eyelid surgery?

The incisions made during the operation may create small scars later on. However, these traces are not obvious as they coincide with the fold point. One month after the droopy eyelid surgery, the scar on the upper lid begins to disappear. The scar on the lower lid starts to fade after the second month. Since these traces are quite small, they do not affect your daily life negatively.

The sling method in surgery is applied to children who have congenital droopy eyelid problems. The frontalis muscle, which raises the eyebrow under normal conditions, also functions to lift the eyelid after the suspension method. A small incision is made at the crease of the eyelid. Apart from this, the doctor performs the operation by making three different incisions on the eyebrow.

How is Almond Eye Surgery Performed?

Almond eye surgery is performed under local and general anesthesia depending on the patient's condition. It takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. It is mostly done by people who have sagging eyelid problems. The patient's problem is solved by fixing the eyelid on the upper side. It is one of the most popular eye surgeries today. A surgical thread is passed through the incision made on the outside of the eye and the eyelids are hung up.

During the operation, the surgeon fixes the sling to the bone membrane so that the patient has an almond eye appearance. One of the goals of almond eye surgery is slanting eyes. People who want their eyes to come to the fore gain the appearance they want thanks to this surgery. It is an operation that is highly demanded for aesthetic reasons as well as for health purposes.

Why Do Under-Eye Bags Occur?

Bags under the eyes are related to the effect of gravity. When you lie down, there is a change in blood circulation and with the effect of gravity, there is fluid accumulation around your eyes. For this reason, when you wake up in the morning, the lines under your eyes will be more pronounced than normal. Factors such as activities that cause fatigue, staring at the screen for a long time, sleep problems and stress are also effective in the formation of bags.

One of the reasons for the formation of bags under the eyes is irregular nutrition. In general, individuals who consume more salt than they should normally accumulate fluid under their eyes. Your kidneys get very tired due to fluid accumulation. One of the causes of kidney diseases is the fluid that accumulates under the eyes. If you have an allergic nature and your under-eyes are itchy, irritation may occur. As a result of the irritation, edema occurs under your eyes.

How to Get Under Eye Bag?

If you constantly have to deal with under-eye bags in your daily life, you may be looking for a permanent solution. The permanent solution for this is surgery. You can have lower blepharoplasty for bags on your lower eyelid and upper blepharoplasty for bags on your upper eyelid. Before the operation, the doctor makes some checks and acts towards the result.

Who can have droopy eyelid surgery?

If you have a droopy eyelid and have realistic expectations, there is no obstacle for you to have surgery. Mostly, individuals aged 35 and over apply for surgery for droopy eyelids. If the problem has not started at a late age and has been present from birth, the operation can be easily applied to earlier age groups.

How long does droopy eyelid surgery take?

Local anesthesia is preferred in eyelid drooping operation for the eyelid. As long as there is no problem during the surgery, it takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour. The surgeon will inform you about the conditions you will encounter after the operation. In this process, it is normal to develop bruising and edema in the areas where the operation is performed.

How Many Days Does the Eyelid Surgery Heal?

It is extremely important that your eyes are not exposed to impact, irritation and abrasion after the operation. Patients usually recover within 10-14 days after surgery. If you do not follow the doctor's recommendations after drooping eyelid surgery, this process may be longer. When the edema and bruising that occurs after the operation disappears, your eye returns to its normal shape.

When your eyes take their normal shape, you will notice that your face has a more youthful and vigorous appearance. During the healing process, you need to be sensitive to your eyes. In case of any problem, you can intervene such as ointments and compresses under the control of a doctor. You should know that if you follow the warnings of the doctor against the risk of infection, you will not have any problems.

Can I take a bath after drooping eyelid surgery?

One of the most frequently asked questions to doctors is when to take a bath after eyelid surgery. If you do not follow the doctor's advice, your healing process will be difficult and you will experience some problems with your eyes. Patients are generally suitable for bathing three days after the surgery. However, if there is a difference in your situation, it would be good for your health to consult your doctor.

You may have doubts about the risks of the surgery. As in any surgery, there are inevitably risks in eyelid surgery. These risks are minimized when you follow the doctor's advice. The drugs you use before and after the surgery should be under the control of the doctor and the warnings should not be ignored.

Will there be a scar after the droopy eyelid surgery?

If the upper eyelid has been treated, the incision created coincides with the fold. On the lower eyelid, a scar is formed at the bottom of the eyelashes. For this reason, the traces formed do not have a disturbing appearance. The scar on the upper lid disappears within a month. You may have to wait two months for the scar on the lower lid. Since the doctor creates small incisions, you will not have an appearance that will negatively affect your daily life.

If there are drugs that you need to use regularly, you should inform the doctor about this. Thus, it is possible to find out if there is any harm in using the drugs in the postoperative period. One week before the operation, you should stay away from things that cause blood thinning. If you follow the recommendations, your eyelid surgery will be successful.

Low Eyelid Prices 2022

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of doctors providing treatment services, as ptosis complaints have increased. As a result of the observed increase, various effects emerged in the medical world. It is possible to talk about both positive and negative consequences of these effects. The positive result can be exemplified as applying for the solution of droopy eyelid whenever you need it.

The fact that not every doctor can apply ptosis treatment at the same success rate is a negative result. With the increase in the number of doctors, there is also variation in treatment prices. If you only look for a treatment that fits your budget, you can't expect too much about the success rate of the surgery. For this, you need to focus on the success of the doctor in droopy eyelid operations, as well as the price review. You can contact us immediately for information about Low Eyelid Treatment Prices 2022.

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