Ingrown Eyelids - Entropion

Entropion - Lower Eyelid Inversion

You may have heard of the concept of Entropion , but you may not know its meaning. Entropion is the name given to the inner turning of the lower or upper eyelid. As a result of the eyelid turning inward, the eyelashes rub against the cornea. The rubbing of the eyelashes on the cornea causes stinging, burning and pain problems.

If you have an entropion problem and do not consult a doctor, you are likely to experience permanent visual impairment. It is one of the common reasons for eyelid surgery. You need to choose the doctor who will do the treatment meticulously. While entropion is congenital in some patients, it occurs later in others.

Diagnosis is made due to old age in patients who develop later. Some of the effects that cause the eyelid to turn inwards can be exemplified as microbial diseases, some injuries and old age. Patients experience great difficulties in their daily lives as it causes results such as not being able to look at the light and redness. If you want to be treated, you should resort to surgical methods.

Why Does Entropion Occur?

More than one cause of entropion can be mentioned. The common cause can be said to be senile, that is, age-related entropion. As you age, the collagen in the eyelids gradually decreases. The decrease in collagen means that the elasticity of the eyelid gradually disappears. With the loss of strength of the eyelid, inward curling is observed. Although it is rare, congenital examples are encountered in infants.

Chemical burns and surgeries are also among the causes of entropion. The reason for this is that chemical burns and surgeries create a tissue called scar on the eyelid. The most common example of entropion in parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia is trachoma. This disease is common in most developing countries because it is caused by bacteria. Although it is not very common, it is possible to show herpes among the causes of entropion.

Entropion Treatment

Patients who do not want to have surgery can relax by pulling their eyelids out of the eye or fixing them with a tape in the first place. But this is a very short-term solution to entropion. At the same time, pulling your eyelids out of your eyes causes tension. For a permanent solution, you must have entropion surgery. Otherwise, it is not possible to prevent your eyelid from rolling inward.

The doctor applies local anesthesia during the surgery. After the anesthesia is applied, the operation continues with stitches to fix your eyelid outside the eye. After the operation, the doctor will talk about the eye drops you should use to make your recovery process easier. You should keep your eyes closed to protect from possible dangers. After a few days, the effect of the surgery gradually fades and you realize that you are getting better.

What Are the Symptoms of Entropion?

Entropion, which makes its name often heard, has a number of symptoms. One of these symptoms is severe squeezing of the eye. If you feel discomfort in your eye and feel like squeezing, when you perform this action, your eyelid may turn inward. With the eyelid turning inward, symptoms such as stinging, redness and burning occur in your eyes.

Entropion is an element that affects daily life, business life and general health of the person. There are many factors that cause the eyelid to turn inward. Gravity, past eye surgeries, genetics and many other factors are some of the conditions that can cause entropion.

If your eye is stinging, you probably want to rub it. The discomfort you feel when you rub your eye starts again and this cycle repeats itself. If you are experiencing such symptoms, you should consult a doctor who is an expert in the field and find out whether you have entropion.

If you are diagnosed, you should start the treatment process without waiting for further progress. Some wait for the condition to progress before having eye surgery. However, since the progression of the condition may cause permanent and serious visual impairment, you should discuss your problem with the doctors without wasting time.

What Causes Entropion?

The most common cause of entropion is old age. Inward turning of the eyelid due to aging is called senile entropion. As a result of aging, the tissues in both the eye socket and the eyelids shrink. Due to the shrinkage, some muscles in the eyelid are displaced.

Thus, the muscles working to close the eye increase its effectiveness and cause the eyelid to turn inward. Today, eye surgery is also performed for aesthetic reasons. However, in conditions that negatively affect eye health, such as entropion, surgeons act as solution-oriented as possible. If you are experiencing such a problem under conditions that cause entropion, a doctor's control is essential.

Of course, this problem does not only occur in elderly individuals. The number of patients who have entropion problems at an early age is quite high. Traumatic events can be cited as an example of other causes. In some cases, congenital eyelid turning inward is encountered due to problems that occur in the mother's womb. If you have had eyelid surgery, you are likely to experience problems as a result. The shrinkage of your socket as a result of the use of prosthetic eyes also causes entropion.

What Causes Entropion?

As it is known, the tissues in the eyelid have a different structure than the tissues in other regions. Injury to your eyelid is one of the main causes of entropion. At the same time, if you have been infected with a microbial disease or have been infected from the environment, you are likely to experience entropion problems.

Among the most common complaints where eye health is adversely affected is entropion, and doctors have made great progress in this area. If you have entropion problem and are worried about having surgery, it is not necessary. Especially the advancement of technology is an important step that prevents unsuccessful results in surgeries.

You should talk to the doctor before the problems that occur cause the eyelid to turn inward. If the doctor applies the wrong treatment method, you have a high risk of experiencing such a problem in the future. For this reason, you should not choose the doctor you intend to treat without research.

Many patients have suffered from various visual disturbances due to incorrect treatment. When the tendons in your eyelid relax, your risk of entropion is high. Loosening of the tendons is often seen in old age. As the collagen fibers break down with age, loosening occurs in the tendons.

What Kind of Symptoms Does Entropion Caused by Aging Cause?

As the eyelid turns inward, the eyelashes rub against the cornea. Due to this friction, problems such as stinging, bleeding and burning occur in the eyes. If you are experiencing such problems in your eyes, it is necessary to prevent the eyelashes from rubbing against the cornea. When you go to the doctor, the problem in your eye is determined first.

Treatment should not be applied until the cause of the problem in your eye is found. After entropion begins to occur, sensations arise as if there is a foreign body in the eye. With this feeling, sensitivity occurs in the eye and this disturbs the patient. Wies procedure is applied in entropion developing due to aging.

This procedure aims to restore the eyelid to its normal state as a result of surgical operation. Other methods are the shortening of the eyelid or the suspension method. If the cause of entropion is traumatic situations, the doctor tries to solve the problem by developing other methods.

If you are sensitive to light and you feel the urge to scratch all the time, your eyelid may turn inward. For a definitive diagnosis, you can have the necessary examinations by consulting your doctor. In addition to itching, stinging and burning sensations can also be shown among the conditions caused by entropion.

How Do Other Forms of Eyelid Inversion Occur?

When people think of entropion, they usually think of old age. Although aging is a common cause, it is possible to come across individuals whose eyelids turn inward at an early age. You may be wondering why this problem is happening to me because you are so young.

In fact, it would not be wrong to say that entropion has many causes. You may feel pain when the mentioned situations occur and your eyelid turns inward. Your eye watering, soreness, itching and many other complaints indicate that a doctor's examination is necessary.

If your eye has been injured by an impact, your eyelid may turn inward as a result. A traumatic event you have experienced before can show its effect even years later. For this reason, you should find out if there is a problem in your eye without interrupting the doctor's control.

Babies and young children with congenital entropion problems can also be mentioned. Infectious diseases are among the causes of this problem. When it comes to entropion and you do not take a step for the examination, you may experience visual impairment over time. Your field of vision may be blurry, which negatively affects your life.

How can the eyelashes on the eyelids be prevented from rubbing into the eyes?

If you have an entropion problem in your eye, your eyelashes will likely rub against the cornea. Many patients experience problems such as itching, burning and stinging due to the rubbing of the eyelashes. If you are experiencing similar problems, you should definitely consult your doctor. After the doctor examines your eye, it allows you to regain your health with treatments for your problem. When patients do not realize that entropion has existed for a long time, they fix the eyelid with their hands. But even blinking a few times will cause the eyelid to turn inward again.

Choosing a doctor has become an increasingly difficult action today. It cannot be said that every doctor is successful in eye surgeries. If you have never sought a doctor for an eye exam before, you are likely to make the wrong choice. For this reason, it is important for your health to make a choice by investigating the success of entropion by doctors. If your eyelashes rub against your eyes, avoid straightening your eyelids with your hands. Doing so causes entropion to progress further.

Does Entropion Correction Surgery Take Long?

The operation of a patient who will have eye surgery for the first time takes about 20 minutes. As is known, entropion surgery is performed under local anesthesia. If the patient has had another eye surgery before and has problems related to it, the doctor may make some changes. If you have this kind of experience, your surgery may take longer than you think. If you share your previous experience with the doctor, an appropriate evaluation will be made during the examination.

One of the factors that you should pay attention to when choosing a surgeon is the experience of the doctor. As the doctor gains experience, he knows what to do in different situations that he may encounter during operations. For this reason, many people are often dissatisfied with the treatment they receive because they do cursory research.

If you do not want to experience the same problem, you should consult with doctors who have experience in entropion and have full knowledge of all kinds of situations. It is possible to get rid of your doubts by asking questions you are curious about during the interview.

Entropion Prices 2022

When you research about the treatment, you can see how variable the price values ??are. The volatility of Entropion prices is directly related to the increase in service in the sector. As the number of doctors providing treatment increased, there were inevitably differences in prices. For this reason, if you have entropion treatment in mind, researching the price values ??can help you decide.

Some people decide when choosing a doctor only by doing price research. However, many factors such as the doctor's experience, success and relationship with patients are of great importance in a treatment. If you choose a doctor only by looking at entropion prices, there is a possibility that you will receive treatment that does not meet your expectations and may even pose a problem for your health.

For this reason, when researching about entropion, you should consider factors other than price values. You can contact us immediately to get information about Entropion Treatment Prices 2022.