Laser Treatment of the Prostate (Holep)

What is Laser Treatment of the Prostate (Holep)?

Laser Treatment of the Prostate (Holep) is the complete removal of the inner tissue of the prostate, with the exception of the capsule, in benign prostate enlargements.

How is Laser Treatment of the Prostate (Holep) Performed?

Laser treatment (holep) of the prostate is performed under general or spinal anesthesia, in the operating room environment. It is advanced through the urinary canal to the prostate with special cameras.

With the laser, the entire inner prostate tissue is separated so that the prostate capsule remains. Prostate tissues are disintegrated in the bladder with a device called a morcellator and taken out.

All stages of the procedure are completed endoscopically. There is no incision. It is the gold standard practice in prostate surgeries as it is safer, less risk of bleeding and the amount of tissue removed is higher than other closed prostate surgeries.

Who Can Have Prostate Laser Treatment (Holep)?

The HOLEP method can be applied to any patient with benign prostatic enlargement. However, the HOLEP method can be applied to patients who have a risk of bleeding, have a history of chronic disease, or whose prostate tissue is large enough to prevent other closed system surgeries.

What are the Types of Prostate Surgery?

Prostate surgeries are divided into two as benign prostate surgeries and malignant prostate surgeries. There are many surgical methods to be preferred for these two groups. Your doctor will determine the most appropriate method by making the necessary analyzes.

What Should Be Considered After Laser Treatment of the Prostate (Holep)?

We explain every detail that our patient should pay attention to after the surgery. However, in the first weeks, we have basic recommendations such as avoiding sudden movements, not lifting heavy loads, not staying in the cold, not sitting on a hard floor.

Does the Prostate Enlarge Again After Surgery?

No. Since the entire prostate tissue is removed in HOLEP surgery, only the capsule remains, there is no possibility of recurrence.

Removing the Entire Prostate?

All remaining prostate tissue is removed, leaving only the prostate capsule.

Does This Surgery Have an Effect on Sexual Life?

HOLEP surgery has no effect on sexual life. The sexual life before the operation is the same as after it. However, in some patients, the movement of semen during ejaculation is not outward, but towards the bladder.

What is Semen Backflow?

This situation does not have an effect on sexuality, it has an effect on having children naturally. The patient wants to have a child after the operation and if this effect is seen, he can have a child with treatments such as sperm collection and vaccination.

How Long Does Prostate Laser Treatment (Holep) Recover?

Our patient can take walks after resting for the first week. Provided that they are not heavy, they can do exercise, work and daily activities. Full recovery is 3 months.

How to Choose a Doctor for Laser Treatment of the Prostate (Holep)?

HOLEP is the newest technique among closed prostate surgeries. For this reason, a doctor and hospital specialized in HOLEP surgery should be preferred.

How Long Does Laser Treatment of the Prostate (Holep) Take? Do You Need to Stay in the Hospital?

The hospital stay is 2 days after the operation. However, in cases where there is a chronic disease, respiratory problem or additional follow-up such as bleeding, the duration of hospitalization can be extended for another 1-2 days. The doctor decides this process.

Does Prostate Have Pain After Laser Treatment (Holep)?

After HOLEP surgery, a more comfortable process is experienced compared to other prostate surgeries. However, there will be minimal pain. We take these pains under control with the painkillers we apply.

What are the complications and possible problems?

Complications such as bleeding and infection of HOLEP surgery are less than other prostate surgeries.

Because the laser technology used during the surgery separates the tissue with heat, bleeding is minimal. Since hospitalization is less after surgery, the possibility of hospital infection and wound infection is also less.

Laser Treatment of the Prostate (Holep) Prices 2022

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