Tube Stomach Surgery

Tube Stomach Surgery

Stomach Reduction Treatment

Tube Stomach Surgery is generally the removal of a certain part of the stomach by a surgical method. With this method, which is the most preferred among the stomach reduction treatment, it gives a tubular appearance to the stomach. With gastric reduction surgery, which is an irreversible procedure, 80% of the stomach is removed.

Thus, the volume of the stomach is reduced and it has the capacity to take less food. This makes it easier to lose weight with the decrease of hunger hormones. Gastric sleeve surgery, which does not contain many complications and side effects, is performed by specialist physicians in well-equipped clinics. Significant weight loss occurs after surgery.

Obesity, which is one of the biggest problems of our time, is becoming more and more common. In particular, a sedentary lifestyle and irregular diet lead to obesity. Sugary, fatty and carbohydrate foods trigger weight gain. Diet and exercise programs for weight loss do not give the desired successful result.

For this reason, those who seek more permanent and effective solutions aim to lose weight with sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Removal of a large part of the stomach with surgery causes serious weight loss.

What is Tube Stomach Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery, which is applied to put an end to obesity and excess weight, is a surgical procedure. Since the stomach resembles a tube in shape, it is called sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

Gastric surgery performed under general anesthesia is performed by laparoscopic technique. In other words, a significant part of the stomach is taken with the help of the camera through the holes made through the abdomen. The aim is to reduce food consumption by reducing the volume of the stomach.

To Whom Is Tube Stomach Surgery Applied?

Gastric sleeve surgery is primarily applied to people with obesity problems. The patient must be between the ages of 18-65. In addition, patients with a body mass index ratio of 35 and above are suitable candidates for sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Since sleeve gastrectomy surgery will be a surgical procedure, necessary analyzes should be performed to understand whether the patient is suitable for surgery.

What is the duration of stomach reduction surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed by specialist surgeons and takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. Of course, this period may vary from patient to patient. For this reason, it is not possible to specify an exact time.

Nutrition After Gastric Surgery

80% of the stomach is removed by surgery. Therefore, the patient should pay attention to his eating habits after the surgery. It is necessary to avoid fatty and carbohydrate products. Diet programs prepared by dietitians should be carefully followed.

After the operation, the patient should be fed with liquid foods. Especially in this process, light products that will facilitate digestion should be preferred.

In addition, because the stomach will shrink, the feeling of hunger will decrease and the feeling of fullness will be felt more. Therefore, the patient should be supported with vitamins and minerals in this process.

Tube Stomach Post Surgery Sports

Gastric sleeve surgery should be supported by diet and exercise programs. Because obesity, which is a result of sedentary and malnutrition, is treated with sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Daily, regular exercises and sports activities should be done after the surgery.

The Risk of Leakage and Symptoms of Leakage After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery, which is a surgical treatment method, may cause some complications. For this reason, leakage is rarely seen. In other words, his stomach may escape to some areas in the abdomen.

After sleeve gastrectomy, patients are usually kept under observation in the hospital for a day or two. The main reason for this situation is the risks of leakage that may occur after the operation. The main leak symptoms are as follows;

  • Raised heart rate
  • shortness of breath and accompanying dizziness
  • High fever
  • Severe abdominal pain

How Many Days Will You Stay in the Hospital After Tube Stomach Surgery?

After the sleeve gastrectomy, which is applied professionally by experienced physicians, patients are kept under observation for at least 2-3 days. Since it is a surgical intervention, possible complications and side effects are followed. Then, patients are discharged according to the patient's health status.

Does SSI Cover Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric surgery prices can be covered by the state under certain conditions. For this, the patient's body mass index should be above 40. In order to eliminate the excess weight and obesity problem, SSI covers the surgery costs of some patients.

However, it is not covered by the treatment cost of patients with a body mass index below 40. In addition, surgeries performed in private hospitals are not covered by SSI.

For this reason, state hospitals should be preferred in order to cover the patient's surgery fee by the state.

When Will the Stitches Heal After Tube Stomach Surgery?

Some sleeve gastrectomy surgeries can be performed with the help of a single hole in the abdomen. Sometimes 4-5 holes are made from the upper part of the abdomen. These holes are made up of very small cuts. Therefore, the healing of the stitches takes a very short time. Wounds begin to heal in about 10 days.

Which Stomach Reduction Surgery Is Performed Most Often?

The most common gastric reduction surgery is sleeve gastrectomy, which has proven its success. With this low-risk surgical procedure, a significant part of the stomach is removed. Gastric sleeve surgery, which has been done for a long time, is performed by specialist surgeons.

How Much Weight Do Those Who Have Tube Stomach Surgery Lose?

The most important feature of sleeve gastrectomy surgery is that the stomach, which is in the form of a pouch, is made into a long tube. During the operation, a significant part of the stomach is removed. Therefore, the stomach becomes a rather small warehouse.

Thus, by consuming less food, a large part of the existing weight is lost over time. More than half of the weight is gone within 5 years after surgery.

Until What Age Is Tube Stomach Surgery Performed?

For gastric sleeve surgery, the patient must be over 18 years old. Likewise, patients should be around 65 years old at most. Therefore, sleeve gastrectomy surgery is applied to all patients between the ages of 18-65 who have weight problems.

How to Feed After Tube Stomach Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery takes about an hour and a half as it is a surgical procedure. After the surgery is completed, the patient is fed more liquid foods. In the following periods, a 1-year program is prepared by the dietitian for the patient. Thus, foods with fast absorption and low caloric value are recommended.

Can Tube Stomach Surgery be applied to everyone with weight problems?

Gastric sleeve surgery is not applied to every patient with weight problems. Because some complications may arise in patients whose health condition is not favorable during surgery. Therefore, the general health of the patient should be suitable for sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

What is the normalization process after stomach reduction surgery?

Like every surgical operation, the patient should be kept under observation in the hospital for at least 2-3 days after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. If no adverse events are observed, the patient is discharged.

The patient should rest for at least a week and the incision scars should heal. People who work at a desk can return to their normal lives 10 days after stomach reduction surgery. However, people working in areas that require heavy work should rest for at least 1 month, fully recover and return to work.

Is There Any Scar After Tube Stomach Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed with the help of holes opened from the upper part of the abdomen. There are at most 4-5 holes here. Since the incision scars are quite small, there is no scar after the surgery. However, open methods may have more suture marks.

Therefore, suture scars remain in open surgeries. For this reason, nowadays, laparoscopic technique sleeve gastrectomy surgery is preferred.

Can Weight Gain Again After Surgery?

Weight is lost quickly after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. This weight loss continues for about 18 months. Therefore, it is necessary to regulate the quality of life of the patient after the operation. Food consumption habits should be regulated and exercise should be given importance.

Therefore, after sleeve gastrectomy surgery, weight can be regained in line with the preference of the person. Here, the post-operative recommendations of the patient in every aspect must be strictly followed.

Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Risky? What are the General Risks?

Gastric sleeve surgery with proven reliability and success is widely preferred today. This form of treatment, known as obesity surgery, sometimes carries risks. Among the general risks; leakage risk, stomach injuries, spleen injury, liver injury and bleeding risks are seen.

Before gastric sleeve surgery, the general health status of the patient should be determined. Because some patients may not provide clear information on this subject. In particular, they may skip the disease history. For this reason, detailed analyzes and examinations should be performed and the suitability of the patient for surgery should be checked.

Is There Any Pain After Tube Stomach Surgery?

After gastric sleeve surgery performed with laparoscopic method in the upper part of the abdomen, pain is not seen much. The main reason for this is that the muscles and stomach membrane in the areas removed during the surgery are not cut. For this reason, painkillers are given to the patient immediately after the operation and patient comfort is tried to be provided.

Tube stomach is applied with a high technology and equipment. For this reason, the intensity of pain that can be experienced is minimal. Because it is a surgical procedure, patients may have some concerns and concerns. However, severe pain does not occur in line with the patient's pain threshold.

Are Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Made After Tube Stomach Surgery?

Obesity, which is spreading rapidly all over the world, has become a serious health problem today. In this direction, various treatment methods are applied. Gastric sleeve surgery is more preferred in terms of giving definite and permanent results. Because with the operation, 80% of the stomach is removed.

The stomach, which functions as a pouch in the form of a warehouse, is made thin and long. Shrinking the stomach will reduce food consumption. Therefore, since people will consume less food after sleeve gastrectomy surgery, the need for vitamin and mineral supplements may arise.

Less food consumption means less vitamin and mineral consumption. For this reason, the probability of experiencing vitamin mineral deficiency after sleeve gastrectomy surgery is quite high. Vitamin supplements should definitely be offered for the body to feel good. Vitamin B12, vitamin d, vitamin B1 and B2 are the products that should be taken most frequently. Calcium and iron needs should also not be ignored.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Prices 2022

The volume of the stomach is reduced by sleeve gastrectomy, in which a significant part of the stomach is removed by surgical technique. People with morbid obesity problems cannot lose weight with diet and exercise programs. Therefore, surgical intervention becomes inevitable.

In this direction, many people look for a specialist surgeon and clinic. Because the success of the physician in this regard eliminates many complications of the surgery. The technique to be used during the surgery and the sterile condition of the clinic are extremely important.

Gastric sleeve surgery prices are not fixed. Prices fluctuate due to many factors. For this reason, people who want to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery should first consult with a specialist doctor and have information about the prices.

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