Lip Lift Surgery

Lip Lift Surgery

What is Lip Lift Surgery?

Lip Lift Surgery is a surgical procedure applied to people who are not satisfied with the length of the upper lip area and the distance between the nose. It is a procedure for adjusting the distance between the upper lip and the nose.

What Does Lip Lift Do?

It provides permanently full lips. It is a very frequently preferred procedure, especially for women, as it makes them look more attractive. Creates a thick lip line. The ideal length between the nose and the lip is provided to the person permanently by lip lift surgery.

Who Is Lip Lift Surgery Performed?

It can be applied to people who want to have an ideal smile aesthetic, who are uncomfortable with the thinness of the lip line, who have a problem of proportionality between the lower jaw and upper jaw due to the long distance between the lip and the nose, and whose incisors look more than normal. It is important that the person is healthy because the anesthesia procedure is applied.

How is Lip Lift Performed?

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia. It is done with two different techniques. In the first technique, an incision is made on the upper lip skin and the excess skin is removed. This process is not preferred very often. There is a high probability of scar formation in the cut area. The second lip lift application is to make an incision on the nasale, that is, the line where the nose and lip areas meet. Incisions made in this area do not create scar tissue.

Who is Suitable for Lip Lifting Surgery?

It is suitable for people who are in good general health condition and do not have any discomfort that may prevent them from receiving anesthesia. Apart from this, it is not recommended to perform the procedure on people who have short nose and lip distance, have heart disease, undergo cancer treatment and are under the age of 18.

How is Bullhorn (Lip Lift) Lip Lift Surgery Performed?

It is the most common lip lift procedure used. It is performed by cutting the small structure under the nostrils. It is the procedure in which the surgical scar is hidden under the nasal tissue in the most comfortable way. It is aimed to lift the lip by removing excess skin tissue.

What are the Techniques Used in Lip Lift Surgery?

Four different techniques are used: bullhorn lip lift, corner lip lift, gulwing lip lift and central lip lift. Every person's lip shape and structure is different from each other. Therefore, the procedures to be applied will not be the same. Some people have low lip corners, while others have low midline. An examination is made by the specialist physician and it is decided which procedure will be applied.

What is the Normal Distance Between Nose and Lip?

The most ideal and aesthetic state of the distance between the nose and lips is about 15 millimeters. Facial lines with this length have both an aesthetic and a beautiful appearance. This length may vary according to genetic characteristics, weight and facial features of the person. Longer-than-normal distance makes people aesthetically uncomfortable. In such cases, surgical interventions are used.

What is the Recovery Process in Lip Lift Surgery?

The average recovery time after the procedure is 7 days. Swelling in the lip part will go away on its own within 1 week. It is normal to have slight bruising. However, no intervention is required for bruises.

Will there be any restriction in lip movements after Lip Lift Surgery?

Since swelling and edema occur after the surgery, it is normal to have restriction in lip movements in the first week. However, after the recovery period is completed, the lips return to their normal function and there is no restriction of movement. Lip lift application only causes a change in lip shape.

Is There Any Enlargement of Nose Wings After Lip Lift Surgery?

During the procedure, the lip tissue and the bottom of the nose are intervened. There is no such thing as enlargement or shrinkage of the nose wings.

What is the Recovery Process After Lip Lift?

After the lip lift, the recovery in patients takes up to 5 or 7 days. Patients are advised to rest at home for up to 1 week.

Is Lip Lift Surgery Permanent?

Removing the skin tissue by surgical operation is a permanent application. Over time, aging may occur as a result of the cessation of collagen production and the inability of the lip tissue to resist gravity. However, this requires a very long time frame. Therefore, the results of the applied procedure are permanent.

Is There Any Scar After Lip Lift Surgery?

The scar that will remain after the surgery varies according to the technique of the surgery and the location of the incision. The incision made from the bottom of the nose can be perfectly hidden, while the incision made over the lip has a faint pink appearance over time. The first goal in the lip lift procedure is to prevent poor wound healing and scar formation. For this reason, surgeons usually want to place the sutures in areas that will not be visible.

How Long Does Lip Lift Surgery Take?

The fact that the lip image is proportional and full with the facial features gives a beautiful and attractive appearance. In order to achieve this image, careful and meticulous work must be done. Therefore, the operation time is at least 45 minutes. Lip lift procedure should be applied by determining the face proportion.

When Does Lip Swelling Go away after Lip Lift?

Every intervention applied to the tissue causes some damage in this area. Swelling occurs due to tissue damage. This swelling goes away within 1 week from the first day of the procedure. Swelling can be reduced with the application of ice after the surgery.

Can I See Results Immediately After Lip Lift Surgery?

Since the vermillion border is stitched again during the operation, the effect of the procedure is immediate. However, due to swelling, the lip becomes thicker than it is. It takes an average of 4 weeks for the swelling to go down gradually. A clear lip shape can be seen 1 month after the procedure.

What is the probability that the stitches will open after the Lip Lift Surgery?

There is no possibility of opening the sutures thrown during the surgical procedure. Sutures may be damaged if poor wound healing develops due to infection and discharge occurs in the suture areas. If careful wound care is applied and the doctor's recommendations are fully followed, such a problem will not occur.

Is It Necessary to Perform Lip Lift Surgery Again?

Lip-shaped falls may occur due to aging and lack of collagen. If a miscarriage is detected during the doctor's control and the person is uncomfortable with this situation, the lip lift procedure can be repeated.

Are There Any Harms in Lip Lift Surgery?

There is no harm in the lip lift procedure applied by successful and expert surgeons. As long as the necessary patient care is applied after the procedure, the risk of complications does not develop. Anyone who is uncomfortable with the shape of their lips can choose successful physicians and have this surgery done comfortably.

Can Non-Surgical Lip Lift Be Performed?

Lip lifting can be done by choosing the filling process. However, the filling material is obtained from hyaluronic acid and similar substances. These substances are digested by the body in about 4-6 months and lose their effectiveness. It is not preferred very often due to the repetition of the process in a short time and its cost.

Is It Understandable That I Had Aesthetics?

After the procedure performed by physicians who know the facial anatomy, measure the facial proportion of the patients correctly and aim for the natural image, it is not clear that the operation was performed. However, if the correct ratio is not taken and more than necessary interventions are made, it is understood that aesthetics is done.

What Exactly is Angel Lip Lifting? Is There Any Difference From Normal Lip Lift?

The only difference from the normal lip lift is that the tissue ratio is high. Other than that, it is no different from surgery.

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