Natural IVF Treatment - Mini IVF

Natural IVF Treatment - Mini IVF

What is Natural (Natural) IVF / Mini IVF?

Natural in vitro fertilization, also known as mini in vitro fertilization, in vitro fertilization with minimal stimulation, is a treatment that uses little or no medication to develop egg cells.

Instead of drugs administered by subcutaneous injection, oral drugs stimulating egg development and/or very low dose hormone injections are administered. Natural IVF is a treatment performed by obtaining a small amount or a single egg in suitable patients.

When is it applied?

This method may be suitable for expectant mothers who do not want to make too many hormone injections and who want to leave the treatment to the natural course. In addition, in cases where the standard in vitro fertilization method has failed in the past, elderly patients and patients with low egg reserve may also be an option.

Other stages of Natural IVF Treatment are not different from standard IVF.