Erectile Dysfunction - PRP and Stem Cell Treatments


Erectile dysfunction is the inability to reach enough hardness to initiate or continue sexual intercourse or the loss of an erection without ejaculation. It is usually seen in men over the age of 40.

In patients who do not benefit from drug treatments, various needle treatments can be applied to the penis. PRP (Platelet rich plasma) and stem cell treatments are the most common treatments today. With these treatments, regeneration of spongy tissue in the penis and improvement in erection are observed. It can be done easily without the need for anesthesia. PRP is performed in 3 sessions with 1-3 day intervals on the tissue that provides erection in the penis by centrifuging the blood taken from the patient each time and is repeated 2 times a year. This process not only solves erection problems, but also improves erection quality.

Stem cell therapy is obtained from the fatty tissue in the abdomen and injected into the erectile tissue in the penis. Patients begin to see the benefits 2-4 weeks after the procedure and this procedure can be repeated once a year.