Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation operations are surgical interventions that help to increase the volume of the breasts or solve the problem of asymmetry.

What is Breast Aesthetics?

Loss of form in the breast tissue may develop due to weight gain and loss, post-pregnancy problems or congenital small breast problems. Over time, when aging and gravity factor are added in addition to all these we have mentioned, a noticeable reduction and sagging of the breasts occurs. In order to solve all these possible problems, you can have a breast augmentation operation and achieve the breast size you desire. Mostly implants are used for breast augmentation or fat injection can be made, which you can examine under the Fat Transfer to the Breast. Breast Augmentation surgery can be possible with a silicone implant, as well as with Fat Transfer, and it can achieve a very natural appearance. The most important thing to pay attention to during this operation is the symmetry of the breasts and their appropriate appearance.

With a personalized 3D simulation, the patient is shown how he will look after breast augmentation, and together with the patient, the doctor decides what kind of strategy to create. The patient can see with his own eyes what he will look like after breast augmentation surgery. Then the doctor plans the operation with the strategy he created.

The most important thing here is to ensure that the patient has a natural, symmetrical and fresh-looking appearance after breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation Surgery is one of the aesthetic operations that patients are most satisfied with. Thanks to the advanced technology, they are very pleased when they see themselves with their natural and symmetrical new and successfully enlarged breasts as they see themselves with 3D simulation images before the surgery.

It is now very easy to achieve excellent results with the latest technological opportunities of our experienced doctors and Estetik International.

Who can have breast augmentation surgery?

  • Those who are not satisfied with the size of their breasts
  • Those who experience fullness and loss of form in their breasts
  • Those with symmetrical disorders in their breasts
  • Those who have self-confidence problems due to the size of their breasts
  • Patients who have lost their chest or breasts due to different diseases

How is Breast Augmentation Aesthetics Performed?

Before performing breast augmentation surgeries, it should be planned correctly. At this point, it is very important to use the experience of the doctor and the latest technology. Using advanced technology, our doctors meticulously plan the operation for which patient, what method and which procedures will be performed.

Afterwards, the patient is taken into surgery after it is clarified whether it would be more appropriate to perform breast augmentation with a silicone implant or with Cihantimur Fat Transfer and what kind of appearance would be gained.

If breast augmentation surgery will be performed using a silicone implant, it is decided by which method this procedure will be performed. Our preference is to perform the procedure with a thin incision under the breast. Thus, it may be possible to place a silicone implant under the muscle or over the muscle much more easily.

Performing this procedure with an incision on the naturally formed line under the breast will prevent the scar from appearing. Apart from this, the operation can also be done from the armpit, belly button or nipple, but it is always our preference to do the operation with a small incision under the breast as it will be much more trouble-free.

What Can Be Said About Breast Augmentation Surgery Prices?

Breast Augmentation Surgery Prices are not possible to explain on our website due to legal reasons. If you contact us immediately regarding this issue, you will be given detailed information.

How Many Types of Placement Methods for Breast Augmentation Prosthesis?

Breast augmentation prostheses can be placed in place with several methods. Among these, we prefer and the most trouble-free one is the operation with a thin and small incision on the natural line under the breast. With this method, the operation can be easily performed without any problems.

Apart from this method, it may be possible to insert the prosthesis under the armpit. After this method, there will be no incision around the breast, the incision will remain under the armpit.

Another method is the insertion of silicones by entering through the belly button. After these operations, a small amount of redness may occur in the incisions, but over time, this redness becomes pale and takes its natural color.

Symmetry and naturalness should be kept in the foreground when deciding on the size of the breast augmentation prosthesis.

As we always say to our patients, naturalness is beautiful. Individual applications should be made. Sizes that are suitable for one person may not be suitable for another. For this, first of all, it is necessary to determine the most suitable dimensions for you. Now, by doing this with advanced technology and 3D imaging systems, we can enable the patient to see himself before the surgery.

We prioritize naturalness while determining personalized measurements. After deciding what size it will be in line with the patient's wishes, the necessary plans are made for breast augmentation surgery.

How Many Years Do Breast Silicones Last?

Breast Augmentation Silicone implants' life expectancy varies from person to person. If the treated patient is satisfied, he can continue to use it if there is no change in his appearance. Thanks to the newly developing technology, manufacturers share very long usage times, this can be for a lifetime. The most important issue here is the satisfaction of the patient's appearance.

If the patient is satisfied with his external appearance, he can be sure that the silicone is very healthy and solid inside. If there is a lot of activity according to the sport or lifestyle, the related appearance problems may occur within 10-15 years, in such cases, the necessary procedures can be performed and patient satisfaction can be maintained. Although such secondary surgeries are not performed as often as before, they can be performed when deemed necessary.

What are the Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation Methods?

Non-surgical breast augmentation with Cihantimur Fat Transfer is a method known for giving very natural results. Kiss. Dr. With the non-surgical breast augmentation operation, which we prefer to do with Cihantimur Fat Transfer, developed by Bülent Cihantimur, very successful results are obtained without using silicone implants. In some cases, both fat transfer and silicone implants can be used at the same time, it is also related to what strategy the doctor will follow.

If you want a completely natural look without using silicone, you can choose this method. Among its advantages, this procedure can be applied without incisions in breast augmentation methods. Thus, breast enlargement may be possible, which even experts can hardly understand. Please contact us for Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation methods.

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