FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant

What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

FUE Hair Transplantation is the process of transplanting the roots taken from the donor area one by one with the help of a punch pen. The integrity of the scalp is not affected during the procedure.

No drilling is applied. Since the roots are planted one by one, the processing time is long. It is a very common planting technique. It should be applied by healthcare professionals who are experts in the field.

How is FUE Hair Transplantation Applied?

The procedure is performed with local anesthesia. After the anesthesia applied to the donor area, the roots are extracted multiple times. Grafts are processed and sorted in the laboratory. It is normal to have scratches in the donor area. However, by using appropriate creams, this area can be recovered in a short time.

Grafts prepared for sowing are planted one by one in the area. The dressing is applied and closed with a bandage. Fue hair transplantation provides great advantages as long as it is applied by experienced specialists.

What are Fue Hair Transplant Techniques?

Three different techniques are used: micro, sapphire and soft. Micro-planting technique is the most advanced form of manual application. It is applied with pens with an average of 0.9 millimeter tips. Roots are collected and planted with the help of micro motor. The only difference in the sapphire planting process is that the pen tips are made of sapphire, not metal. It reduces the crusting rate after the process. In this way, it shortens the healing phase.

When crusting increases, it causes more shedding of the planted roots. Sapphire heads are preferred to increase the effect of the process. They have much healthier titles due to the construction material. The hair transplant technique supported by drugs containing sedation is the soft model. Thanks to sedation, there is no pain and ache during fue hair transplantation.

In Which Situations Is Fue Hair Transplant Preferred?

Since it is an advantageous application, it can be preferred in any case. In cases where the frequency of hair gradually decreases and its growth stops, transplantation can be performed by consulting a specialist. If the problem of baldness progresses rapidly, it should be intervened as soon as possible.

How Long Does Fue Hair Transplantation Process?

During the transplantation process, hair follicles are transplanted one by one. The total number of roots planted is between 4-5 thousand. Therefore, the planting process takes a long time. It varies between 5-7 hours on average.

What Should Be Done Before Fue Hair Transplant Operation?

There are some points that need to be considered in order to carry out a successful planting process. First of all, the person who will do the transaction must be selected correctly. Substances that impair blood circulation or affect healing, such as alcohol and cigarettes, should be avoided. Those who use blood thinners should take a break from this drug by consulting their doctor. Chemical products should not be used during hair care.

What is the Healing Process After Fue Hair Transplantation?

There are some criteria that should be applied in order for the healing process to be more comfortable and the result of the procedure to be successful. These criteria are;

  • Plenty of water should be consumed and salty foods should not be eaten.
  • The drugs prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly.
  • The transplanted area should be washed with the solution recommended by the doctor.
  • After the sowing process, you should rest for 1 day.

In addition to these criteria we have listed, another issue that needs attention is the regular implementation of PRP. An average of 4 sessions is recommended. When these sessions are completed, as the hair follicles are enriched with nutrients, the shedding is reduced and the growing hair becomes healthier.

What are the Advantages of Fue Hair Transplant Method?

As long as the planting process is successful and applied by experts, it provides great advantages. More roots can be collected as graft collection is applied with motor technology. Since the roots are removed collectively, the follicles are preserved.

No additional time is needed for root extraction. The comfort of the person during the procedure is at the highest level. The dressing period is 3 days. Other jobs require a minimum of 15 days of dressing.

What Should Those Who Have FUE Hair Transplant Pay Attention To?

There are some issues that people who want to have a transplant operation should pay attention to. Herbal teas such as green tea should be left at least 1 week before planting. Before the procedure, the person should clearly ask the doctor what he added from the result of the transplant and what the result will be.

The quality of the grafts varies according to the genetics of the person. For this reason, the success rate of the procedure is lower in people whose roots are weak and lifeless. Care should be taken in choosing a specialist physician and health institution. Transplantation should not be performed by people who are not healthcare professionals.

Correct Determination of the Outflow Direction of Hair Roots

Each hair follicle has a specific growth direction. The grafts collected from the nape extend in different directions. For this reason, the direction should be determined in order to make the hair appear natural after the procedure. During the Fue hair transplantation technique, the direction of the roots is determined during collection.

When the roots are removed, they are immediately separated and planted in the right direction. The front hairline is a criterion used in determining the direction. The forehead line and the front hairline give information about which roots will be deposited. Since expert surgeons are experienced in this field, they have successful fue hair transplantation results.

The reason for the removal of the hair follicles to be transplanted from the nape area

Hair follicles in the nape area are not exposed to the hormone testosterone. Therefore, they are always live and tend to grow roots. The affected area without hair loss is the back of the ear and the nape of the neck. In order to achieve success in the transplantation process, the roots in the nape area are taken. As a result of treatments such as diseases and cancer treatment, the roots in the nape area may fall. In such cases, different areas of the body are used.

Return to Normal Life After Fue Hair Transplant

Due to the use of motor technique, procedures such as graft collection, canal opening and dressing can be completed in a very short time. Particularly, the collection of grafts provides the least possible damage to the scalp. After the first 36 hours of rest after the procedure, the person can return to his daily life.

Some people hide the planting process from their environment and do not feel the need to tell. In such cases, a period of 10 days is required after the sowing process. At least 10 days should pass for the bandage to be removed and the crusts to fall off. Return to normal life after Fue hair transplantation technique is shorter than other applications.

Comments of those who had Fue Hair Transplantation

When the comments of the people who had hair transplantation were examined, almost all of them expressed their satisfaction. Our country is a center where the latest technological methods are used in the Kim process. For this reason, the risk of complications after the procedure is negligible and almost all of the transplanted roots come out. If you can't decide on planting, you can answer your questions by reading the comments of those who have had the procedure.

Fue Hair Transplant Method Prices 2022

Some criteria are taken into account when determining the prices of the planting process. The most effective factor in determining the prices is the number of grafts planted. The higher the number of grafts, the higher the procedure time and cost. Newly established and profit-oriented centers may request additional fees after the transaction.

For this reason, when you go to meet with the center, a net fee should be requested regarding the price. The center should be selected by doing detailed research about Fue hair transplant prices. Since the centers with low risk of complications and high transaction success offer quality service, their fees may be higher than the market.

In order to achieve healthy results, institutions that guarantee quality service should be chosen.

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