Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair Transplantation is a technique applied to people who experience hair loss due to some reasons and are uncomfortable with it. There are many centers in our country, especially in Istanbul, where this technique is applied very successfully.

What is Hair Transplantation?

The process applied to eliminate the problem of baldness caused by the irreversible loss of hair follicles is called hair transplantation. Baldness, which has become a common problem for men and women, can be eliminated in a short time with transplantation. Thanks to the right techniques and experience, the person gets natural and lush hair.

What is Hair Root?

It is a collection of cells embedded in the oily layer of the scalp and consisting of two main structures. Its medical name is graft. There are 2-3 roots in a graft. For the transplantation process, these structures are carefully removed and passed through certain processes and transplanted into the hairless areas of the person. Thanks to the hair transplantation process, the lost roots are regained again.

What is Hair Structure and Types of Hair Structure?

Hair structure varies depending on the genetics of the person. The hair structure of men and women is also different from each other. Hair structure and type vary, as hormones play a major role in its development. There are two different types of hair, thin and thick. Thin-haired hair structure is the type that is common and wears out very easily. Lubrication rate is low. It sheds quickly because it cannot feed itself. Thick hair structure is rich in oil and mineral. The shedding rate is slow: it wears out later. It is difficult to maintain because it is lubricated in a short time. It can be protected for a long time with a little maintenance application. There is no need for hair transplantation.

Who is suitable for hair transplantation?

People who have lost a certain part of the hair follicles irreversibly and still have roots on the scalp are suitable for transplantation. People with female pattern hair loss and full baldness are not suitable for transplantation. Since root cannot be found in these people, sowing cannot be done. Even if roots are taken from different parts of the body, the desired success cannot be achieved.

How to do hair transplantation?

It is applied gradually under local anesthesia. The first stage is the collection of grafts. Usually, roots are collected from the nape and behind the ears. Roots collected with a special micro motor or pen are extracted in the laboratory environment. Roots that are strong and have a high probability of holding are removed. Usually 5-6 thousand roots are collected. In the second stage, these roots are planted in the planting area and the process is completed by dressing with bandage application. The duration of hair transplantation varies according to the technique used.

What are Hair Transplantation Methods?

There are two different planting techniques that have been used frequently in recent years. FUE and DHI are hair transplant techniques. In the FUE transplantation technique, hair follicles are collected with the help of micro motors. The channels are opened and the planting is done in the field. The healing process is fast. Transaction success is high. Since the roots are planted in the canals one by one, the processing time is long. In the DHI planting technique, the procedure is performed with the help of special choi pens. No channel opening is required. Roots are kept in a special solution and prepared for planting. With the help of a pen, sowing is done at the same time during the grooving process. Therefore, it is completed in a shorter time.

What are the Advantages of Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation, applied by the right technique and experienced physician, provides some advantages to people. These advantages are; It treats hair loss seen in large areas. The hair that grows out is natural, lively and shiny. New hair is used for a lifetime and there is less chance of shedding again. As it increases the self-confidence of the person, it offers a more active life in social life. In order to benefit from these advantages, service should be obtained from well-equipped centers and health workers.

Which months are suitable for hair transplantation?

Sowing can be done in any month of the year. However, since the summer months are very hot, the risk of infection is high. For this reason, if the person wants to have a successful and uncomplicated procedure, spring and winter months can be preferred. However, people who do not have time and can undergo a careful recovery process can also have hair transplantation in the summer.

What is the Age Limit for Hair Transplantation?

There is an age limit of 18 for the transplantation process. Since people under this age do not complete the development of hormone metabolism, sowing is not recommended. Depending on the hormonal change, it may be possible for new roots to grow. For this reason, experts recommend completing the age of 18.

When is the result of hair transplantation seen?

Roots begin to emerge 2 months after planting. These roots are shed when they start to grow. The emergence of new and permanent roots takes an average of 2 more months. Permanent roots are supported by the PRP process applied during this period. The net results of the hair transplant process show themselves within 6 months.

How to Wash Hair After Hair Transplantation?

It is forbidden to wash the hair for the first 3 days after the procedure. Planted roots are clearly located in the canals. An average of 3 days is required for the channels to close. After the channels are closed, the washing process starts. Hair should be washed regularly for 15 days with warm water without massaging with the shampoo recommended by the doctor.

How Many Hours Does Hair Transplantation Take and Is It Comfortable?

The duration of the procedure varies according to the hand experience of the physician, the number of grafts transplanted, the type of anesthesia and the technique. If the channel needs to be opened in the technique used, it may take an average of 6 hours. However, since there is no need to open a channel in the process using the Choi pen, sowing can be done in an average of 4 hours. Thanks to the developing technology and anesthesia applications, a comfortable procedure is offered for the patients.

Is Pain and Pain Felt During Hair Transplant Operation?

The drugs used for anesthesia maintain their effect for a long time. Local anesthesia applied half an hour before the procedure continues for at least 2 hours after the procedure. In this way, pain and suffering do not occur at all. Mild pain may occur after the effects of the drugs wear off. This pain can be tolerated by using painkillers after the procedure.

How Many Days Should I Allocate for Hair Transplant Operation?

It is enough to rest for one day after the transplantation process. However, those who do not want to tell the people around that they have planted should set aside at least 10 days.

How Many Years Does Hair Transplant Last?

Roots taken from the nape of the person are used for the procedure. For this reason, the duration of the procedure is determined depending on the person's own hair genetics. The effect of the procedure continues for life in people who use the right hair care products and care for their hair with the right technique. However, using chemical products and over-processing weakens the roots and sheds them. If you want to maintain the effect of hair transplantation for a lifetime, you should do regular care.

Comments of Hair Transplanters

I have been with male pattern hair loss for 15 years. I did it on the recommendation of my friend. Although it's only been 6 months, I am quite happy with the result.

It is a procedure that I have done with the advice of my cousin, not being sure. Thanks to my doctor's experience, I got my money's worth. The hair transplanted 18 months ago gave an excellent result.

I was afraid because my pain threshold was low. He had a successful transaction with the interest and experience of the staff. Even my first hair growth made me happy.

I was afraid because my pain threshold was low. He had a successful transaction with the interest and experience of the staff. Even my first hair growth made me happy.

He made a sudden decision in order not to experience complete baldness in later ages. I am very pleased with the result, thanks to the successful procedure. I would definitely recommend.

Hair Transplant Prices 2022

Transplantation prices are determined by the technique used, the number of personnel required, the number of roots to be planted, the anesthesia technique and the location of the center. Our country accepts thousands of people from abroad for hair transplantation every year. Therefore, the exchange rate difference also affects prices. People who decide on the sowing process should make a price and performance comparison while doing the center research.

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