Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Breast lift surgeries are surgical interventions that help solve the problem of sagging breasts.

Breast Lift Surgery

Sagging of the breasts is a condition that is mostly observed with the loss of form after breastfeeding or with the effect of gravity over time. Saggy breasts not only cause the desired clothes to be worn, but also cause loss of self-confidence in women most of the time.

Who can have a breast lift operation?

  • Those who have problems with their breasts after breastfeeding,
  • Those with saggy breasts due to frequent weight gain and loss
  • Those who have sagging breasts due to age and gravity,
  • Those who experience nipple halos, enlargement of the areola area,
  • Those who have self-confidence problems due to their saggy breasts,
  • Those who cannot wear the clothes they want because of their saggy breasts.

How is breast lift operation performed?

Breast lift operation is often performed simultaneously with breast augmentation or breast reduction operations. Breast lift operation performed under general anesthesia starts with the reduction of the areola area, if any. The point to be noted here is that the breast lift operation will not make any changes in the size of the breasts. Only the breasts are brought to their original form and upright level, the breasts are recovered and the process is completed. If there is a small or excessive size in the breasts, they can be reached to the desired sizes in the same operation.

Essentials of breast lift operation

In breast lift surgeries, the operation should be planned by considering the shape of the breast, the elasticity level of the skin, the quality of the skin and the existing excess skin, after examining the patient's existing sagging. The incision made on the breast is designed with this in mind, and the breast is shaped by shaping and lifting the underlying breast tissue. Excess skin is removed from the area and sutured. In the seams, it is stitched according to the newly created structure, all incisions are closed with skin glue or minimal sutures.

After breast lift operation

Breast lift operations are among the operations that we receive very good feedback thanks to the innovative techniques we use. Our patients, who can usually return to their homes on the same day of the operation without hospitalization, can return to their daily lives and work lives within 1 week at the latest, with less scars, less pain and a quick recovery process.

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