Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplantation

The Importance of Beard Transplantation for Men

Beard Transplantation ; The causes of beard loss vary from person to person. In general, beard loss is experienced due to reasons such as disruption of hormone metabolism, injury, genetically having a skin problem and treatment of other diseases. This is also a problem for many men.

What is Beard Transplantation?

The treatment for closing the gaps found as a result of hair loss in the beard area is called beard transplantation. It varies according to the needs of the person. Thanks to the developing technology, hair, eyebrow, beard and mustache transplantations have successful results.

By using different techniques, the beard density that they dream of building can be achieved. For men, the image of the beard is of great importance. They prefer to have transplantation in order to develop their self-confidence and to be more active in social life.

How is Beard Transplantation Performed?

There are two different techniques used for beard treatment. Which technique will be used individually is selected by the specialist who performs the procedure. Anesthesia is applied to the donor area. Roots are collected. After the roots are extracted, they are subjected to a certain process. Roots prepared for planting are planted one by one. It is very important to be experienced and conscious in the step of opening the channels as it affects the result of the process.

The first goal in the transplantation process is to obtain a natural image. The direction of the channels is very important at this stage. The channels should be opened towards the direction of hair growth in the beard area. Otherwise, an artificial image is formed. Since local anesthesia is applied during the procedure, there is no feeling of pain and pain. Beard transplantation is an extremely comfortable procedure.

To Whom Is Beard Transplantation Applied?

Beard transplantation is applied to people who have hormonal or genetic beard sparseness, have beard loss after trauma and accident, and have scars that look bad in the face area. For the procedure, the person must be at least 18 years old. The procedure is not recommended for people under this age, as the hormone metabolism does not complete its development.

People who want to have transplantation are first examined by a doctor. If it is determined that the beard loss is certain as a result of this examination, the procedure is decided. If there are other skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis on the skin, the procedure is postponed.

What are Beard Transplantation Methods?

There are two different techniques used for treatment, FUT and FUE. FUT technique is the oldest technique. Roots are taken by cutting the skin. The healing process is long. The success of the procedure is low compared to the other technique. Beards grow in groups. Especially if the physician is inexperienced, the result of the procedure will not be as natural as expected. It is rarely a preferred technique for people who are older and do not have enough roots. It is not a beard transplant technique that doctors frequently apply.

In the FUE technique, the roots are removed collectively with the help of punch. The punches used are made of steel material. Roots are passed through the extraction stage. Sowing is done one by one with the help of a special pen. Since the roots are planted one by one, they come out naturally. The success rate is very high.

What to Consider After Beard Transplantation?

There are some points to be considered in order for the hair follicles not to be displaced and to grow out efficiently. These issues are;

  • The areas where the roots are planted should never be touched.
  • If the planting area is a moving area, mimic movements should be restricted as much as possible.
  • This area should never be shaved until the doctor gives permission.
  • Face washing should be done at least 3 days later.

You can have natural and bushy beards as long as these criteria are taken into consideration. The criteria applied before and after beard transplantation affect the procedure. For this reason, you should definitely consult your doctor during the physical examination. The first advice given by doctors is to avoid contact. As the direction and elongation of the roots change in contact, the result of the procedure may be impaired.

How Should Channels Be Opened in Beard Transplantation?

The most important point to be considered while opening the channel in the sowing process is the direction of the channels. Channels are opened one by one to create a natural and aesthetic beard appearance. The opened channels should not affect the exit direction of the hair. Growing roots must be able to find their own direction.

The channels are opened with a length of 0.6-0.7 millimeters. Beard roots are not as long and deep as the hair root. Channel sizes are important for a short time and effective shaving process. It is planted in channels that are not too long with angles of about 35 degrees. For this reason, the channel length should not be excessive. Otherwise, skin irritation will occur during shaving.

Can Beard Transplantation Be Done In Cases Like Burn Scars?

In the case of burns, destruction occurs according to a certain layer of the skin. There is tissue damage that reaches the lowest layer of the skin, especially in second and third degree burns. In such burn cases, the roots planted cannot be fed by the skin. Roots that do not receive sufficient nutrients and whose development is not supported by the surrounding tissue die and fall over time.

Unfortunately, beard transplantation cannot be successful in cases of burns and scars. Transplantation can be performed by applying supportive treatments in people with a low degree of burn and only the upper layer of the skin is damaged. In such cases, first of all, a doctor's control is organized and some examinations are performed. If the doctor decides that the roots will hold, sowing is done.

Can Beard Transplantation Be Done Together with Hair Transplantation?

By making the right planning, beard transplantation can also be applied together with the hair transplantation process. The amount of graft missing in both regions is determined by a planned study. While the graft is collected, the number needed is calculated clearly. Roots taken from the nape area should be taken at a rate sufficient for both processes. Roots suitable for beard should be separated and the remaining roots should be preferred for hair transplantation.

Physicians who can distinguish hair follicles correctly and have developed manual dexterity can perform these two procedures at the same time. Otherwise, the collected roots will be wasted and the money paid by the person will be wasted. For this reason, if you are planning to have beard and hair transplantation at the same time, you should be more careful in choosing a physician. You should prefer physicians who previously applied two treatments at the same time.

Comments of Those Who Have Beard Mustache Transplantation

When the comments of the people who had the transplant procedure were examined, it was seen that all of them were satisfied and successful. Centers that provide quality service and have a low risk of complications should be preferred. Institutions that implement the transplantation process frequently, have trained health personnel and have a high success rate should be selected.

In recent years, the number of centers providing service has increased in line with the increasing demands. Therefore, the level of quality in services has decreased. Especially because of the competitive environment and the decrease in customer potential, the centers have entered into a race. In order to get a successful service, you can decide about the center by reading the comments of people who have had transplantation before. If you want to be satisfied with the result of beard transplantation, these criteria should be considered.

Beard Transplant Prices 2022

There are some points to be considered while determining the planting prices. The exchange rate difference is the number of grafts transplanted, the number of personnel, the anesthesia technique used, the location of the center and the frequency of preference. These criteria play a role in determining prices. Institutions that are always available, have a high success rate and a low complication rate are often costly.

You should consider the price policy as the last criterion in order to get the services that you will be satisfied with the result. Otherwise, you may have an unnatural and disproportionate beard shape. You can call any center you want to get detailed information about beard transplantation and its prices.

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