Outward Turning of the Eyelids - Ectropion

Outward Turning of the Eyelid - What is Ectropion

Ectropion is a condition in which the eyelid turns outward. It may be congenital or it may occur later due to certain conditions. As age progresses, facial muscles relax. It is normal for your eyelid to turn outward due to this relaxation.

A mass on the eyelid, facial paralysis and other problems are among the factors that cause ectropion. In recent years, outward turning of the eyelid is a common disease. Surgeons apply various treatment methods to solve the problem.

The deformity and sagging of the eyelid can be easily noticed. If you have been diagnosed with ectropion, it should be treated before long. Otherwise, it will cause dry eyes and permanent visual disturbances.

Outward turning of the eyelid is a disease that can be diagnosed by the red coloration of the conjunctiva on the eyelid. After the doctor makes a diagnosis, it should be intervened without losing time. Otherwise, visual disturbances may become permanent.

How is Ectropion Treatment done? (Eyelid Surgery)

Treatment of ectropion is inevitable surgical operation. How and by which method the operation will be performed is a matter that varies from patient to patient. If the tissues inside and outside the eyelid are drooping, the surgeon will prefer stabilization and suspension methods.

If there is a problem that disrupts the structure of the eyelid rather than sagging, the surgeon eliminates the problem with a different operation. Since different methods are developed for each patient, the doctor should definitely examine your eyelid before the operation.

Surgeons may recommend using eye drops to their patients who will undergo an ectropion operation. The reason for recommending drops is to prevent possible dry eye and infection. Thus, it is aimed that the surgical procedure will be successful. If you follow the recommendations of your surgeon, the problem of outward turning of your eyelid is successfully treated. Otherwise, the operation may not be successful. Failure of the operation to be successful may cause permanent visual impairment or more serious problems in your eye.

What Are the Options for Ectropion Treatment?

For the ectropion problem encountered in the eyelid, it is tried to be treated with eye drops before the operation. Thus, it is tried to prevent dryness that may occur in the eye. Eye drops are used to wet the eyes. If the eye drops treatments applied by the doctor do not produce results, surgical operation is applied as a permanent solution. Before the operation, the doctor investigates the reason for the outward turning of the eyelid.

If the problem in the eyelid is caused by a trauma, the surgeon creates an appropriate surgical plan. If the cause of the ectropion is paralysis, the doctor considers it appropriate to use the suspension and eyelid shortening method together. If such a problem has occurred due to the retraction of the lower or upper eyelid of the patient, the piece of skin behind the ear is transferred.

How Is Ectropion Treated?

The treatment of the problem of turning outward on the eyelid is a surgical operation. There are different methods of ectropion surgery. As a result of various examinations, the surgeon performs the surgical method suitable for the patient's health condition.

The field of oculoplasty deals with deformations in the eyelids. You can find permanent solutions to your eyelid problems by interviewing oculoplastic surgeons. It is a disease that should be consulted especially by doctors who are experts in the field of ectropion.

Ectropion treatment is first started by investigating the cause of the eyelid turning outward. As long as the problem of turning outward on your lower eyelid is not resolved, your eye watering complaints begin. If you constantly wipe your eyes as they water, ectropion will progress further and surgical operation will be required. After diagnosing ectropion, oculoplastic surgeons apply the appropriate surgical method to the patient.

Who Performs Ectropion Surgery?

If you have a problem with outfolding on your eyelid, you should consult with oculoplastic surgeons for ectropion treatment. It is important for the successful outcome of the treatment to meet with surgeons who are interested in the field of oculoplasty, as specialist doctors in the field should treat it. Otherwise, you are likely to encounter problems such as serious visual disturbances during and after the surgery.

Oculoplasty surgeons try to avoid eye contact as much as possible during the operation. Thus, it is aimed that the deformation in the eye does not progress. Ectropion surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Not every ectropion surgery is completed in the same time. Because each patient has a different surgical method. If a general time is given, it takes an average of 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Why Do Eyelids Turn Outward?

If you are constantly rubbing your eyelid, you are increasing the risk of ectropion. Some patients face the problem of turning outward because they wipe their eyelids by pulling when their eyes are watering. If your eye is injured and faced with a traumatic situation, it can heal by disrupting the structure of your eyelid. As a result of this healing, it is a common condition for the eyelid to turn outward.

If you have a mass on your eyelid, you need to go to regular doctor control. Thus, you can learn more easily whether ectropion has occurred or not. Today, it is known that the skin disease that occurs on the eyelid also causes ectropion. Doctors also examine patients with loose eyelid syndrome for signs of outward turning of the eyelid. Although it is a rare condition, there are also patients who encounter hereditary ectropion.

What Kind of Problems Can the Outward Turning of the Eyelids Cause?

Eyelid disorders cause dryness of the eye. Since the eyelids come into contact with the eye, it prevents them from drying out and keeps them wet. When the eyelid does not come into contact with the eye, the problem of dryness is encountered. If you are experiencing such problems, you can consult the surgeon. The surgeon first examines the loosening of your eyelid.

Dryness in the eye and problems in the cornea are treated under the control of a doctor. The problem of turning outward in the eyelid is generally caused by the sagging of the lower lid. Sagging of the lower eyelid is corrected by eyelid plastic surgeons. Ectropion treatment is also treated in the same way as eyelid aesthetics.

Is Ectropion Treatment Emergency?

There are two different reasons for ectropion surgery. One is the operation performed with the concern of aesthetic appearance. If you are considering having surgery due to aesthetic concerns, it can be said that it is not an emergency situation. However, if you are considering surgery due to a problem in your eye, you should not wait any longer.

Outward turning of the eyelid causes serious visual disturbances as the surgical operation is delayed. These problems can become permanent unless intervened. The surgeon you choose during the treatment process is also of great importance in this regard. As long as the ectropion operation is performed meticulously, the outward turning of your eyelid does not cause serious problems.

Are All Ectropion Surgeries the Same?

There are many doctors in the medical industry who deal with the treatment of droopy eyelids. However, it is not possible to say that all doctors achieve the same success. Some patients need surgery again when the eyelid turns outward. If you are going to have it done for the first time, you can get treatment from successful doctors by doing detailed research about ectropion surgeons.

Doctors perform the operation with great care to prevent the infection seen in the eyelid from spreading further. Doctors experienced in the treatment of ectropion know how to behave in the face of possible problems. Doctors who have not gained experience and have not performed many operations may not know what to do in the face of the problems that occur in the patient. For this reason, if you do not want to have problems, you should contact experienced surgeons.

What Is Ectropion and What Causes Ectropion?

Due to anatomy, the eyelids are in contact with the eyeball. Thanks to this contact of the eyelids with the eye, the tears spread and possible infection is prevented. As the eyelid turns outward, contact with the eye is cut off and ectropion occurs. Eyelids usually turn outward due to aging, infection and trauma.

Although it is an uncommon condition, it is also seen that it is congenital. As the age progresses, the eyelids relax. One of the conditions that cause the eyelid to turn outward is tumors. Ectropion is also seen in patients with facial paralysis. In addition, injuries that cause infection and trauma can easily be counted among the causes.

What Kind of Problems Cause Outward Turning and Folding of the Eyelid?

If congenital ectropion occurs, it can cause temporary or permanent problems. For human health, it is necessary to distribute the tears by the contact of the eyelids and the eye with each other. Thus, the eye does not remain dry and does not cause visual disturbances. Due to the problems that occur in the eyelid, the tears cannot be distributed as they should and the eye cannot be protected.

The inability of the eyelid to fully function and protect the eye causes visual disturbances. In some cases, tears may flow up to the cheeks. In some patients, ectropion causes aesthetic problems. Deformations in the eyes and eyelids inevitably affect the appearance of the face.

How is the Eyelid Drooping or Turning Examination Performed?

The drooping or outward turning of the eyelid is treated with ectropion surgery. Surgeons recommend using eye drops to avoid dryness and infection in the eye during the operation. You should pay attention to the fact that the surgeon you consult is an expert in his field. As mentioned before, ectropion has more than one cause.

Since the reasons for the eyelid turning out are different, not every surgeon applies the same method. In some patients, ectropion is caused by a skin tumor. In such a case, it is necessary to consult with surgeons who can treat the skin tumor well. If there has been a loosening of the eyelid, it will be successful to meet with the doctors who apply the eyelid tightening treatment.

Which Surgical Techniques Can Correct the Outward Turning of the Eyelid? How Is Ectropion Treated?

Ectropion, the problem of turning outward in the eyelid, is a disease that is treated with eyelid aesthetic techniques. Surgeons examine the problem in the patient and apply an appropriate surgical method. For example, if your eyelid has turned outward due to the shrinkage of your skin, the skin transplant method is among the methods applied.

Surgical operation is essential for ectropion caused by facial paralysis. If the outward turning of the eyelid is not intervened early, it causes dry eye. Dry eye brings with it temporary or permanent visual disturbances. Congenital or subsequent occurrence is also among the conditions that affect the surgical method.

How Long Does Eyelid Surgery Take? Does It Repeat After Ectropion Treatment?

Eyelid aesthetics are performed due to sagging of the eyelid. This aesthetic is also performed to treat the outward turning of the eyelid. The operation performed for both the lower and upper eyelids is completed in approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. It is normal to experience bruising and swelling in the first few days after eyelid surgery. Swelling on the eyelid decreases within a week.

It may take longer for the bruising to decrease. The surgeon removes the stitches that he placed during the operation one week after the operation. Bags in the lower eyelid occur due to aging.

Removal of bags on the lower eyelid is medically called lower lid blepharoplasty. Surgeons perform the operation through an incision made from the inner region of the lash line or lower lid, depending on the situation. The operation shows its effect for 10-15 years and is applied to solve the problem of ectropion.

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