Female Genital Aesthetics - Miracle Female Surgery

Female Genital Aesthetics - Miracle Female Surgery

What is the Female Sexual Aesthetics Package (Wonder Woman Surgery) Operation?

It is a surgical package that helps women to increase their self-confidence, feel good, and enjoy sexual intercourse more by improving the aesthetic appearance of the genital organ. It is a rebirth application that eliminates all genital aesthetic problems in a single operation and creates a holistic renewal in women's health.

  • Sexual and aesthetic 7 solutions in one!
  • One operation, big change!
  • All in 2 hours!

The choice of those who want to start over is in the IRON MAN SURGERY Package;

  1. Liposuction
  2. Labiaplasty
  3. Vaginoplasty
  4. Clitoroplasty
  5. Labium Major Fat Filling
  6. G - Shot
  7. Stem Cell Injection

Seven procedures are applied in the same session and life starts again after the operation.

Things to Know About Wonder Woman Surgery Package

  • It is made for women over the age of eighteen.
  • Seven operations are performed simultaneously.
  • The process only takes 2 hours.
  • It can be performed under general anesthesia, in operating room conditions.
  • One night in the hospital under surveillance.
  • The dressing is opened on the third day.
  • She can take a bath on the fourth day.
  • He can travel on the fifth day.
  • She can work on the tenth day.
  • Sexual life can be started in the 4th week.

1. Liposuction - Venus Hill Aesthetic

It is an easy, advantageous and immediate result with liposuction of the lower abdomen.

Liposuction is an effective operation that gives an aesthetic appearance to the navel in the lower abdomen and the upper part of the clitoris vagina. This method is called Pubis Aesthetics or Venus Hill Aesthetics. Lubrication and cambering in this area causes discomfort while wearing a bikini or clothing. An aesthetic appearance is provided by removing the fat in this area.

2. Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is usually called "labium" It is the name of the surgical procedure that gives an aesthetic appearance to the Inner and Outer Genital Lips.

Labium Major (External Genital Lips) Aesthetics; It is the correction of the large lips located on the outside of the vagina. The labia majora located at the entrance of the vagina in the external genitalia are structures with important visual and sexual functions. Labiums have some functions such as stimulation during sexual intercourse, aesthetic appearance, protection against external factors such as infection by closing the chamber.

Labium Major (External Genital Lips) Aesthetics corrects growth, sagging and structural defects in this area. The surgical plan is made by looking at the lip structure of the patient. Generally, an aesthetic appearance is obtained by surgical excision followed by fat filling.

Labium Minor (Inner Genital Lips) Aesthetics; One of the most common problems is the labia minora being larger than normal or sagging due to various reasons (age, birth, obesity, menopause, trauma, etc.). During labiaplasty, the labia are reshaped by removing the excess tissue in the highly enlarged or sagging inner lips.

With this method, which can be applied to anyone over the age of eighteen, it is possible to make the lip structure aesthetic and healthy. At the same time, with the application of such methods, a better quality sexual life is provided.

Barbie Vagina (Barbie Doll Vagina); Reduction of the inner lips, known with its new popular name in recent years, is the appearance of fluffy, full outer lips and a youthful appearance of the vagina.

This view is provided by the operations we have done in the package. The main feature of the Barbie vagina is the outer lips, which look full from the outside, and the Venus line between them. Barbie vagina aesthetics, which is frequently preferred today, is highly demanded by women. After the surgery, it also has positive effects on increasing self-confidence, being more comfortable in social life and increasing sexual pleasure.

3. Vaginoplasty

The female genital area affects the psychological state of the woman both functionally and aesthetically. The reason for application is generally the width felt during intercourse, that is, the inability to feel the fullness sufficiently and not to enjoy the relationship.

Vaginal tightening or tightening is the removal of the felt width by recovering the enlarged or sagging vagina

Vaginal narrowing is the process of surgically narrowing the anterior and posterior walls of the vagina by supporting it. The point to be considered especially in the surgical method is to go inside as much as possible, not just the outside. It is the narrowing of most of the vagina. It is not a temporary procedure like the narrowing done with the radiofrequency and laser method. It is a permanent process.

3. Clitoroplasty

Clitoroplasty - Clitoris Aesthetics - Clitoral hudoplasty – Clitoral hood reduction
It is an operation to open the skin folds covering the clitoris, clarify the head of the clitoris and improve its aesthetic appearance. Clitoroplasty is often performed together with other vaginal aesthetic applications, especially labial plasty.

Labiaplasty surgeries performed without clitoroplasty are often incomplete, as good aesthetic practices aim to both eliminate dysfunction and achieve the desired appearance. When the excess tissue is corrected only in the small labia minora, the skin on the clitoris can create an even more disproportionate and aesthetically disproportionate appearance.

5. Labium Major Oil Filling

Labia majora filling applications are performed in patients with milder lip sagging and superficial collapses. If there is excessive stretching due to excess skin tissue, these loosenesses are removed by surgery, and then fat filling is performed and an aesthetic appearance is obtained.

Demand for oil filling processes is increasing. It can be done for medical and cosmetic reasons.
Among the most common reasons;

  • Correcting sagging and wrinkles on the big lips
  • Removing sagging caused by rapid weight gain
  • To cover up the defects that occur after labiaplasty (inner lip aesthetics)
  • Fixing unsightly birth sutures
  • Increases self-confidence, provides hygienic, psychological and sexual gains

In order for the fat tissue injected anywhere in the body to maintain its vitality, oxygen and blood flow must be at maximum level. In order to ensure this flow, it is recommended to have an adequate and balanced diet, avoid smoking and alcohol, pay attention to water consumption, do regular sports and take certain food supplements. Even under these conditions, the vitality rate of the oil is around 60-80% at the end of 6 months.

6. G – Shot

G spot augmentation (G Shot) is an application to increase sexual pleasure in women. G-spot augmentation is also known as orgasm vaccination. In recent years, the demand for these applications has increased with the increase in women's awareness of themselves and their discovery of sexuality. Now women started to consult a doctor with complaints of inability to orgasm, ejaculation and sexual reluctance.

G spot (G spot) is located 4-5 cm inside and above the entrance of the vagina and its width is 1-2 cm. This area has a dense neural network and is considered an erogenous zone. Stimulation of this area makes it easier for the woman to have an orgasm.

G Shot is a painless and easy application that can be done in the office environment. Filling materials used for the face and lips are also used for G Shot. Today, the operation is performed by enlarging the G spot with oil injection. The effect of G Shot starts the next day and continues for 6-12 months.

7. Stem Cell Injection

Vaginal Youth Vaccine

It initiates and regulates tissue healing with the growth factors and cytokines it contains in the treatment of adipose-derived stem cells in the vaginal region. It has been shown in previous publications that adipose-derived stem cells are very effective in tissue healing and tissue regeneration. For all these reasons, adipose-derived stem cell applications have come to the fore in issues such as rejuvenation of the genital area and sexual reluctance.

Our aim in the genital stem cell applications we make into the vagina is to create positive effects on sexual reluctance and orgasm by providing tissue regeneration.

Again, in the treatment of vaginal dryness that occurs in menopausal women, we provide rejuvenation of the vagina with vaginal stem cell applications.