Nose Aesthetics - Rhinoplasty

Nose Aesthetics - Rhinoplasty

What is Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)?

Nose Aesthetics is the surgical correction of bone and cartilage deformations in the nose. It is a technique preferred by people who want to find a permanent solution to their nose problems. It can be applied by a plastic surgeon and an otolaryngologist who specializes in nose surgery.

Nose Aesthetic Surgery - How Is Rhinoplasty Performed?

It is applied in the operating room environment under general anesthesia. The skin integrity between the nostrils is cut. The upper skin of the nose is removed. Bone and cartilage formations under the removed skin are corrected. A perforated silicone pad is placed inside the nose. The nose skin is covered and sutured. Nasal aesthetics is completed by placing a tight bandage on the nose.

Thanks to the developing medical techniques, rhinoplasty is performed in two different ways, surgical and medical aesthetics. Surgical application is a surgical technique known as rhinoplasty. It is applied to people with excessive nasal deformation. The applications we call medical aesthetics are not surgical procedures.

Filling is the elimination of nasal problems with hyaluronic acid. The duration of permanence varies between 12-18 months. Fat injection is the removal of one's own fat and injecting it into the nose after certain processes.

Who Can Have Nose Aesthetics?

People who have deformities, which we call the nasal arch, whose cartilage structure is damaged, whose nostrils are larger than normal, who have a low nose tip and whose nose tip is normally upturned, can have rhinoplasty.

While these problems we have listed cause aesthetic discomfort, they can also cause problems in nasal function. Difficulty breathing, especially during sleep, can cause the development of different diseases.

What Should Be Considered After Nose Aesthetics?

The nose should be protected against external impacts. The bandage adhered to during the operation should not be touched. Regular visits to the doctor should be made.

What is the Healing Process After Nose Surgery?

The healing process varies according to the technique used for surgery and patient care. For this reason, the healing process of every patient is not the same.

In Which Situations Should Nose Aesthetics Be Performed?

Rhinoplasty can be performed in cases where the person feels psychologically uncomfortable due to the problematic shape of the nose, refrains from participating in social activities, physiological fatigue due to nasal obstruction due to insufficient oxygen intake, and tissue loss due to trauma.

Who Can Have Nose Aesthetics?

In order for plastic surgery operations to have successful and permanent results, the person must have completed the bone and muscle development at the age of 18. Nasal collapse, which is one of the complications of nose surgeries, can be seen 6 months after the surgery.

What is the Cost of Nose Aesthetics?

The cost of surgery varies according to the hospital. The surgical technique, the materials used, the length of stay in the hospital and the number of personnel required for the procedure determine the cost of the operation. While well-established institutions offer hospitalization service at the hotel level, hotel service cannot be obtained from newly established institutions.

What is Nose Structure?

The nose structure consists of three different main structures: the tip, the root and the nose flat. The root part is the area where the face and forehead connection is located. Deformation is not usually seen in this area. It may be too thick for some people. However, it is a rare condition. The area we call the nose flat is above the nose. Arch formation is seen in this part.

Is There an Age Limit for Nose Aesthetics?

When the operations are examined, it is seen that it is appropriate to apply to people between the ages of 18-65. However, due to medical requirements, this age limit can be ignored. As a result of the evaluations of the physician, it is decided whether the procedure is necessary or not.

What are the Types of Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

Two different techniques are used, closed and open.

The closed operation is performed by entering through the nostrils with the help of an endoscopic device. The inside of the nose is seen from the camera at the end of the device. For surgeons, the procedure is not comfortable due to the narrow field of view.

Since the nasal skin is removed in the open rhinoplasty procedure, the surgeon's working area is wide. The probability of success as a result of the procedure is very high. The risk of complications is low. It is suitable for patients with a high degree of nasal deformation.

How Long Is Nose Aesthetics Recovery Time?

Recovery time averages 2 weeks. If the doctor's recommendations are not followed and the prescribed drugs are not used within this period, the period may be extended.

What is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

It is a preferred procedure for mild deformities. The disproportion between the filling application and the tissue is eliminated. This procedure is called non-surgical rhinoplasty.

How to Choose a Doctor for Nose Aesthetics?

The results of previous operations performed by the doctor should be examined and the complication rate should be asked. The doctor should be selected by paying attention to these criteria.

What is Nose Tip Aesthetics?

Larger than normal nostrils and low nasal tip create an aesthetically bad appearance. Although there is no problem in the function of the nose, it can disturb people with aesthetic concerns. The operation that only interferes with the tip of the nose is called nasal tip aesthetics.

How Long Does Nose Aesthetic Surgery Take? Do You Need to Stay in the Hospital?

The duration of the operation varies from patient to patient. Generally speaking, 60-90 minutes is sufficient. When open surgery is performed, hospitalization is recommended on the first day. However, in closed operation, patients are usually discharged on the same day.

Is There Any Pain After Nose Surgery? What Do Patients Experience During the Recovery Process?

After the operation, there is no pain that will negatively affect life. If adequate patient care techniques are applied and medications are taken regularly, patients will not experience any problems.

Is it necessary to use tampons in nose surgery?

If bone intervention has been done, it is necessary to use tampons.

How Long Do Patients Return to Their Normal Lives After Nose Surgery?

The process of returning to normal life is usually after the buffers have been removed.

Why Is Nose Surgery Difficult?

With the advancement of technology, rhinoplasty is no longer a difficult operation. It is an extremely comfortable application.

I See Very Bad Surgery, Will I Be Too?

Each patient's nose structure, bone health and healing process are different from each other. Therefore, each patient shows different developments after the operation.

How Can I See What Kind of Nose I Will Have After Surgery?

Thanks to the developing technology, pre- and post-operative images can be created in the computer environment. In this way, you can see how the new nose shape will be.

What are the Complications and Possible Problems?

Bleeding, infection and disfigurement of the nose are among the most common problems. This complication is not expected to develop after proper patient care by an experienced surgeon.

What Awaits You Before and After Surgery?

There is a pre-operative preparation stage. If these preparations are made, the success of the procedure increases and the risk of complications decreases. Patient care after surgery is very important. Cold compress application and drugs prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly.

Should a Plastic Surgeon or an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist Perform This Surgery?

Plastic surgeons who have specialized in nose surgery have surgeries with high success rates. For this reason, a plastic surgeon can also be selected for surgery.

Do You Break Bones?

Bone intervention is done in arch formation. However, the intervention applied is not the breaking process, but the rasping technique.

Can This Surgery Be Performed With Local Anesthesia?

Anesthesia technique is selected according to the technique of the surgery method and nasal deformations. Local anesthesia can be applied in mild problems and nasal tip aesthetics.

Is it Necessary to Put a Buffer?

It is necessary to put a tampon after every surgery where there is a possibility of bleeding and edema. Otherwise, asymmetry may develop while forming the nose shape.

Will it hurt so much when the bumpers come off?

Since the last produced medical tampons do not form tissue adhesions, they do not cause pain when being removed.

Is the purpose of rhinoplasty to reduce the nose and remove bone?

The purpose of the surgery is to deal with deformations. For this reason, bone intervention is not performed in every rhinoplasty application.

Nose Aesthetics Prices 2022

Surgery costs vary according to the physician and hospital. The price should be obtained by conducting detailed research and meeting with the institutions one-on-one.

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