Arm Lift Surgery

Arm Lift Surgery

What is Arm Lift?

Arm Lift is the process of correcting sagging in arm muscles and tissues. It is a common problem of men and women. These leathers, which are seen especially due to the short clothes worn in the summer months, make people aesthetically uncomfortable. Although it does not cause a problem physiologically, it can disturb the person psychologically.

Why does the arm sag?

The arm may sag over time due to aging, sudden weight loss, hormonal changes and a sedentary lifestyle. Especially when overweight people lose weight with shock diets without doing sports, arm muscles leave themselves and deformations occur in the skin tissue. Therefore, arm lift surgery is needed.

Am I Suitable for Arm Lift Surgery?

People who do not have obesity problems and who do not have any health problems for anesthesia are suitable for surgery. This operation is not applied to people with obesity and weight problems. A certain weight should be achieved in order to increase the success of the procedure and to give satisfaction with the result.

Arm Lift Surgery Techniques

Arm lift surgery is performed with brachioplasty. In addition to surgical treatment techniques, there are non-surgical techniques such as liposuction. The physician decides which technique will be used for the procedure. It is preferred for people with a low degree of sagging. There are 3 commonly used techniques: spider web procedure, liposuction and brachioplasty.

The application method and cost of each technique are different from each other. The brachioplasty procedure has extremely successful and permanent results for people who are older, whose collagen production is high, and whose skin sagging degree is high. With aging, cells that produce collagen die and collagen production stops. The skin loses its elasticity and succumbs to gravity. Therefore, the most important reason for skin sagging is the cessation of collagen production.

Recovery Process After Arm Lift Surgery

The recovery process after surgery varies from person to person. The patient's age, chronic diseases, postoperative care and the success of the operation affect this process. Therefore, there is no standard healing process. After the procedure, a tight bandage is applied to the arm area. These bandages are removed under the supervision of a doctor. The patient's pain is controlled with painkillers. Substances that prevent healing, such as alcohol and cigarettes, are not used.

When Will I See the Results of Arm Lift Surgery?

It is normal for edema and swelling to occur after the procedure. These swellings go away on their own in an average of 1 month. However, it takes 2 months for the body to get used to its new form and for the tissues to heal. At the end of this period, the final results of the surgery reach a visible size.

What Are the Risks and Potential Side Effects of Arm Lift Surgery?

The operation is an operation with a minimum risk factor. Risks such as infection, hematoma formation and bleeding are very rare. The most feared complication is poor wound healing. Scars may occur in the arm area due to reasons such as the formation of discharge in the suture areas and failure to intervene in the early period. As long as arm lift is performed by an experienced surgeon, the risk of complications is very low.

Is Arm Lift Surgery Painful?

The operation performed with the help of anesthetic drugs and appropriate techniques is extremely comfortable for the patients. Local anesthetic drugs used during the procedure take effect for at least 4 hours. Therefore, there is no unbearable pain after the operation.

Is the Result of Arm Lift Surgery Permanent?

The results of the surgery are permanent results. However, due to reasons such as uncontrolled weight gain and unbalanced diet, there may be sagging in the arm area again. Although the signs of aging can be delayed, they cannot be prevented. Therefore, regular exercise and a balanced diet are recommended.

Is Anesthesia Necessary in Arm Lift Surgery?

It is applied under general anesthesia for the comfort of the patients. Local anesthesia can be applied in minor interventions. In addition to local anesthesia, sedation is given and patients are relieved.

How Long Does Arm Lift Surgery Take?

The duration of the operation varies according to the excess sagging skin. It takes an average of 90 minutes. This period is shortened when applied by experienced and manual surgeons. Anesthesia takes 90 minutes with the operation and suture application.

What is Minimal Incision Arm Lift?

The procedure applied along the upper arm with the liposuction technique is called. After the operation, the skin has a more tense, lively and smooth appearance. There are some factors that affect the success of the procedure. The technique used for arm lift is patient care and the surgeon's experience in this field. A successful procedure can be performed by the physician who frequently performs this operation.

What is Brachioplasty?

In overweight people, arm sagging and wrinkles may occur due to rapid weight loss. The process of eliminating this problem is called brachioplasty.

If I Gain and Lose Weight, Will the Arm Sagging Again?

Skin tissue expands and grows as you gain weight. With the sudden loss of these weights, the skin cannot regain its former form immediately and becomes abundant. The slack skin sags over time. The tissue that becomes tense with the surgery expands due to weight gain. Since the tissues in our body are flexible, increase in volume is normal. For this reason, people who have surgery should gain controlled weight.

In Which Season Should I Have Arm Lift Surgery?

Surgical operations should generally be performed in winter and spring. Wound healing can be delayed and problematic in hot weather. Summer months are not suitable for operation as bacteria multiply faster in a hot environment. However, if correct and effective wound care is to be applied after the surgery, the procedure can be performed in any season. When the bandages are removed after the healing period is completed, the sutures should be protected against sunlight.

Does Arm Drooping Fix With Exercise?

Mild arm sagging can be corrected with exercise. However, this situation has some conditions. Being at a young age, not being overweight, maintaining the moisture balance of the skin and exercising regularly. After these conditions are not met, the exercises do not give the expected image.

Do You Recommend Massage After Arm Lift Surgery?

Since the tissue is intervened in the surgical areas, edema develops. 4 weeks after the procedure, when the wound and suture areas are completely healed, massage can be applied with light-paced movements. After arm lift surgery, massage can be done with the right movements without applying too much pressure. Massage shortens recovery time, as it accelerates blood circulation and oxygenates tissues. It increases the effect of the procedure and gives vitality to the tissues.

Is There Any Scar After Arm Lift Surgery?

The incision made during the surgery is made from the inside of the arm. The stitches are still on the inside of the arm. For this reason, there is no trace left as a result of wound healing. People who are afraid of scarring after the operation can consult a doctor before and after the procedure.

Non-Surgical Arm Lift (Arm Lift with Spider Web)

There is a spider web rope hanger made of medical material. It can be applied to patients who are young and have a very low degree of sagging. Threads are placed under the skin and the arm skin is stretched. It increases the amount of collagen produced under the skin. It is a procedure that is applied to a very limited number of patients.

It is generally not applied after 40 years of age. Since there is no surgical application, patients usually request this procedure. However, after providing the necessary controls, the doctor decides whether to apply it or not.

Arm Lift Surgery Prices 2022

Surgery prices vary due to reasons such as the technique used for the procedure, the degree of sagging, the physician's surgery fee and the hospital's hospitalization costs. For this reason, a hospital should not be chosen without questioning the arm lift prices.

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