Ptosis Surgery Journey in 8 Steps

ptosis treatment in turkey

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1 Make an Appointment
2 Medical Examination
3 Informing the Patient about Prosthesis and Surgery
4 Surgery Preparation (Local Anesthesia)
5 Admission to the Clinic
6 Operation
7 2 Hours Stay at the Clinic
8 3. Day Clinic Control and End

1 - Make an Appointment

Ptosis Surgey in Turkey

2 - Doctor Examination

Ptosis Surgery by Fadime Nuhoğlu

3 - Informing the Patient About the Surgery

Ptosis in Turkey

4 - Preparation for Surgery (Local Anesthesia)

Ptosis Surgery Preparation

5 - Admission to the Clinic

Ptosis int Istanbul

6 - Surgery

After Ptosis Surgery

7 - 2 Hours Stay at the Clinic

Medical Journey in Istanbul, Turkey

8 - 3rd Day Clinic Control

Medical Jıurney in Türkiye


Ptosis Journey in Türkiye